Skeleton Face Makeup Tutorial Which Is Bound To Turn Heads This Halloween

Aug 21, 2018 by Hansy shah

Halloween never fails to get our adrenaline racing fast as we ponder over the numerous looks and costumes for nailing the party scene and scaring the whole town as we go trick or treating. Maybe this is the very reason behind the extreme hype about Halloween which makes us all excited from months before. In spite of all this, some of us who remain extra busy around the year might feel clueless as the D-day approaches since they leave it to the last-minute decision regarding costume and Halloween makeup.

Our today’s article has been written especially for those who never seem to have a costume prepared in advance as they either procrastinate the whole thing or are hard-core stumped about who they wish to become. So, let’s make the decision-making process easier by taking a look at one of the easiest and most timeless Halloween looks – the skeleton face makeup.

skeleton face makeup step by step

You will require a light foundation, makeup sponge or foundation brush, baby powder or translucent setting powder, powder brush, concealer brush, black eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, white eyeliner, eyeshadow brush and angled eyeliner brush for creating the ultimate skeleton face look this Halloween. For the outfit, you will require black leggings, black booties, a long-sleeved blouse or top in black and an optional leather jacket.

For starting with skeleton face makeup, you will have to evenly apply white cream makeup on the whole face using a foundation brush except around the eyes. Next you will have to follow it up with some translucent powder for setting the makeup in place.

Next you will have to outline your eye sockets with black liquid eyeliner. You can thus draw a curved line over one eyebrow, extend the same underneath the eye up to the cheekbone and back upwards for connecting the circle. Imperfections in the shape of the circle will make it look best. Thus, you can bid adieu to worrying about both of them being of an exact same shape. Now you will have to fill in the eye sockets including your eyelid with black eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush.

Coming to the nose, you will have to draw the letter M using liquid eyeliner across the center of your nose with its sides wrapped around your nostrils. Then you will have to fill in the letter M using black eyeshadow.

skeleton face makeup woman

For nailing the perfect eyebrow expression lines, you can again use your black eyeliner for drawing vertical boomerang shapes above the inner brows and smudge the zones next to each line above each eye for creating dimension. You can also utilize the black liquid eyeliner for drawing an L shape facing the hairline at the natural temple which needs to be smudged for greater dimension and repeated on the other side.

White eyeliner can be used for colouring your lips. Draw a line ranging towards your ear from the corner of your mouth having a length of about three inches on either side. Next you will have to draw a vertical line down the center of your mouth starting from just above your top line to just a little past your bottom lip. This has to be repeated six more times with each line positioned about half an inch apart from the left of the centerline. You can finish drawing your teeth by repeating the whole thing similarly on the right side.

skeleton face makeup

Experts of skeleton face makeup advise to outline the two hollows on either side of your face using the liquid eyeliner. While one hollow area needs to be close to your teeth, another should be closer to your ear. Next you will have to draw a straight line which connects both the hollow areas and repeat the same step on the other side of your face. The two hollow areas on each side will have to be filled up using black eyeshadow and the straight lines connecting them will have to be darkened. Finally, you will have to connect the last two top teeth on either side of the mouth with the hollow area lying closest to your teeth.

makeup halloween

You can make your glam skeleton look pop up by using some black eyeshadow down your neck and underneath your jawline. This can make your neck look more emaciated if the shadow is concentrated on its both sides while leaving a section of natural skin clearly visible down the center. Black eyeshadow can also be used for lightly shading the area around the hairline while excess eyeshadow can be pulled from the inner eyebrow corners into a curved line on both sides using an angled eyeliner brush. In a similar manner, excess eyeshadow lying outside your eye socket can be pulled into several lines toward your hairline.

makeup ideas

Keep it classic this Halloween with the super-cool skeleton face makeup so that you won’t have to look back along with regrets over last-minute scrambling. If you are worried about the spooky look being way too much complex for your average makeup skills, then our detailed look breakup is bound to cater to your worries. So, what are you waiting for! Gather the look requisites and carry out a few trial rounds for nailing the look like a pro on the Halloween evening.

I hope you loved these skeleton face makeup and you’ll be going to try one of them this halloween to rock the party. Get more ideas from Pinterest.

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