Some Hacks for Applying Makeup!

Aug 13, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

Applying makeup is every women’s right and none can stop them from doing so. But it is an undeterred fact that correct knowledge about make-ups can only help you to achieve the desired results. As accurate knowledge about the hacks of applying makeup can only help you in this regard. Applying makeup is an art and some do it professionally too.

Makeup Hacks Tips And Tricks

In order to apply makeup, the first and foremost thing is that you know what suits you the best and with that you should know about the accurate proportion, as overdo in this case can spoil the whole milk. So, know what you are doing, before taking an attempt, since it is related to your appearance and one wrong move can make matters worse instead of enabling you to achieve the desired goal. Here, are some ways of applying makeup.

* Before applying anything on your face, smear a moisturizer as that acts as a barrier to all the toxins used in make-up.

* Apply a foundation as per your complexion, don’t apply anything which goes against your skin tone as that will give you a fake look.

Makeup Hacks And Tricks

* For your eyes, apply eyeliner and kajal as that will magnify your eyes. Eyes are the most vital part of your face, if your eyes are properly defined then more than half of the work is done. You can also look glamorous by just highlighting your eyes as that will give you a sober look which everyone desires to get.

Makeup Hacks For Beginners

* You can also apply an eyeshadow in congruence to your dress. Matching the eyeshadow with your dress is a smart move. You can also apply glitters as that will highlight your eyes more and will make you look attractive.

* Coming to lipstick, if you are applying foundation then anything on the lips is a must. It is very vital that you color your lips as per you have highlighted your eyes. If your eyes look magnified, then apply a light shade of lipstick and when you have just applied kohl on your eyes then apply a dark shade on your lips. After applying glittering eyeshadow, you should not apply a dark shade of lipstick as too much of make-up will give you an odd look.

These are some of the basic tips of applying makeup and this will make you look wondrous.

Makeup Hacks And Diys