Look Glamorous With These Makeup Applying Patterns

Aug 12, 2017 by nishal shah

There are many girls who are reluctant to put on makeup. They have been brought up with this thought that the chemicals present in the cosmetics will ultimately retard their charisma. This is a taboo which should be changed with this changing time. Makeup does involve a lot of cosmetics and beauty products, but applying those products which have been clinically tested and suggested by dermatologists or skin experts does not lead to any side-effects. Moreover, precautions are taken to eliminate the risk of all sorts of damage to your skin.

Applying Makeup Basics

Makeup was invented to grant a perfect make over for all the girls and it successfully does its job. But you should be careful regarding the product you add to your makeup kit and then dazzle the world with your glamour. Here, are some tips that you should follow while applying makeup.

Applying Makeup In Order

* Cover all the unwanted portions of your face, and for that you need to wipe-out the all the marks of your face with the help of a concealer. But you should know the way to apply concealer to get the desired results. First, you should slide down your chin and look straight into the mirror. In this way, you will be able to see the areas properly where you need to focus.

* Second, apply foundation and remember while applying foundation apply it with downward strokes and make sure that you cover the entire face and blend it properly with the help of a brush, sponge or hand. The lines that appear because of ageing near the jaws remember to cover them by rubbing it properly but gently.

Makeup Applying Steps

* In order to apply blush, you will have to suck in your cheeks first and then apply the desired color on your cheekbones continuing till the temples. You need to focus the lines of your bones and apply in accordingly. Remember, to apply the same amount of color on both the sides of your face.

Applying Makeup Correctly

* When you are applying compact remember to fill your cheeks with air, this helps in smoothing the wrinkles and the powder will be applied properly without letting the powder to get accumulated on your face.

* Apply eyeshadow and lipstick, to complete your make-up, you can avoid the eyeshadow if you want, but lipstick is a must in order to complete your makeup