Most Popular Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

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Short and Curly Pixie

Do you have thick hair? Do you always look for some chic hairstyle so that it eases your task of managing tangles in thick hair?

Obviously, most of the women love thick hair, but managing long thick hair may be a tedious task for many of them. If you have knots and tangles, then it would be like a nightmare to handle long thick hair. So, to get relief from such a hassle, the best solution that comes in mind is to cut them short.

It is true that cutting long hair to short is not as easy as we think. You can maintain your style by keeping your hair short than before by choosing the perfect short hairstyle. These days, the ideas of short hairstyles for women with thick hair are countless that can easily grab the attention of the people around you.

Here, we have gathered some popular short hairstyles to give new look to your thick hair which will make you run out of the salon with wow!

Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

So, get ready to go confident and bold with the right short haircut.

Muted Edge Bob

If you want soft, edgy and fashion forward haircut, you can consider Muted Edge Bob to have a timeless look. No matter what age you have, this hairstyle can be worn at any age without any worry of looking over-fashioned, especially women over 50.

It has light layers throughout the hair and invisible layers underneath. You can also opt for a slight taper around a face that works great in showing your cheekbones. Even if you have extremely thick but fine hair, this hairstyle has something to bring a classy and awesome look.

Muted Edge Bob

The Lob

It is one of the best short hairstyles for women with thick hair that looks brilliant on any face shape. It goes perfectly for women who work long hours at the office and also loves parties, as this hairstyle works wonderful with any situation, gives professional look and chic look at the same time. Choosing flicks at one side with straight locks gives your hair a perfect curved shape.

If you have straight hair, blow dryer your hair after washing them and takes the flicks outwards at the ends to gain that perfect look.

the lob Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Thick Short Bob with Bangs

This kind of bob with bangs gives you a great ease of styling. It has a little short haircut at the back above the neck as compared to the hair length as they come towards the ears. For thick hair, it requires creating invisible layers in order to avoid unnecessary bulk.

If you do not have much time to style your hair every time you go out, this hairstyle gives you the ease of maintaining your hair look. Also, if the hair length at the back grows out too long, the look of the entire hairstyle will change, so you have to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for cleanup.

Bob with Bangs - Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob is well-known as the trusted short hairstyles for women with thick hair that can go a long way. If you are looking for a perfect short hairstyle for your thick hair, you must go with this slick straight look. You can choose front strands on only one side. If you would like to try some different look, you can try bangs as well with this haircut.

This hairstyle can be done in any size, simply choose as per your choice or what your hairstylist suggests you. Going with an asymmetrical bob with straightening your hair is something you cannot compare with other short hairstyles.

Asymmetrical Bob - Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Short Ear Length Pixie

If you are confused about what would look good on your face while keeping your style, you must try short ear length pixie cut. It goes perfectly with women of all ages, where the length of the hair on the top can be adjusted to compliment all face shapes. This hairstyle works for a long time until you need a trim. To make this hairstyle more stylish, you can easily go with few curls and get little textured to give some height and volume to your hairstyle.

To get a sleek and sophisticated look, this hairstyle ensures to work smoothly, adding a unique look to your style.

Short Ear Length Pixie -Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Short and Curly Pixie

If you have short, naturally super curly and extremely thick hair, no short hairstyles for women with thick hair would be the best option for you other than going completely natural with your hair. You can choose pixie cut as it helps you to keep your natural curls under control along with keeping your hair look stunning. Pixie cut also works effectively in keeping your curls sit naturally where they fall, without spreading all over the area.

To enhance the look of your hairstyle, you can also choose to crop the sides with the curls focused at the front, whether to fall your curls on one side or assembled on the top, all depends on your choice and preference.

Short and Curly Pixie - Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Sleek Blunt Bob with Bangs

Blunt cut on thick hair may make them look thicker, but it does not mean that if you have thick hair, this haircut is not meant for you. You can still rock with blunt bob by making your hair thinned out. Even with little thinning, you can make your hair sit perfectly and can do hair styling easily. If you have robust facial features, this hairstyle is a solution to take away some harshness of your thick hair.

You can choose any color either on the full length or on the ends of your hair. If you have longer or oval face shape, this sleek and straight hairstyle can be the best short hairstyles for women with thick hair.

Sleek Blunt Bob with Bangs


After going through these best short hairstyles for women with thick hair, you will surely be inspired to try a new hairdo.

As short hairstyles are easy to manage and puts more attention on your face. So, keep in mind to have the best-suited hairstyle based on your face shape and style, which will help in enhancing your overall look.

What are you thinking? Keep your confusion at a side.

Select the one and book a salon appointment immediately.

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