The Importance Of Makeup Applicator And Beauty Blender

Oct 22, 2017 by nishal shah

The use of makeup started from an ancient period. During those days, makeup was usually worn as a symbol of high status or to keep the evil spirits away. A large variety of natural ingredients were used to get the perfect makeup with many trial and errors. It can be seen that men and women used to wear makeup but with time majority of the women started to wear makeup.

Makeup Applicator Kit

In the contemporary world, women put makeup to look beautiful and make themselves more presentable to the society. Makeup is applied with the help of makeup brushes and applicators. The history of makeup brushes goes back to 1835 when women of high social status had them as their servants used to apply makeup on them with the help of these brushes. In today’s world, makeup brushes are mainly produced in Asia due to the cheap labor and most of these applicators are handmade.

There are a series of makeup brushes available in the market for beginners to professionals. Mainly a makeup brush kit contains five brushes whereas a professional kit consists of twenty-four brushes. Japan was the first country to produce these brushes with the use of animal hair and soon after Germany took over the industry.

Important features

Although it might not be known but using a makeup brush is much more important than using fingers to apply the makeup. Some of the importance of using a makeup brush or beauty blender is:

Makeup Blending Applicator

* There are many benefits of using makeup brushes such as a good quality brush will help to give a full coverage than the fingers. Makeup brushes do not soak the product and therefore a full coverage can be attained by using it.

While using fingers most of the product is soaked by the skin and a lot more product is needed to get the coverage.

* Another important factor which should be kept in mind while applying makeup is hygiene. When makeup is applied by hand it is not hygienic as people tend to do all their daily activities using their hands and touching various objects. In a hurry, people do not wash their hand with soap or hand sanitizer which can lead to acne. But when makeup brushes are used it is much safe as those brushes need to be cleaned once every month to get rid of all the products that are stored in those applicators.

Makeup Applicator

* A makeup brush is as important as the product itself. There are various types of brushes available in the market such as a face brush which is mainly used to apply foundation. Another important applicator that can be used for applying foundation is a beauty blender which is made of sponge and has a shape of an egg making it easier to apply makeup in the most difficult of places. An angled face brush is used to apply bronzer and contour to the cheekbones and get the color back to the skin after application of the foundation. Another brush which is a must have for every woman is blush brush as it is soft and round and is the perfect brush to apply blush and highlighter on the cheeks. For the eyes, three types of brushes are needed such as an angled eye liner brush, a blending brush, and an angled shadow brush. To create a perfect winged eye the angled eyeliner brush should be used as it helps to make the perfect liner. The blending and angled shadow brushes are used to apply the eye shadow on the lids and below the waterline to add drama to the eyes. Lastly, every woman should have a spoolie and an eyebrow brush. With the help of the eyebrow brush, the product is applied and a perfect eyebrow is drawn whereas the spoolie helps to blend and give the perfect look.

Beauty Blender Makeup Applicator

* There are three types of makeup applicators found in the market which are puffs, sponges, and brushes. When applying powder makeup, it is suggested that brushes are used for both face and eye makeup. A sponge is mainly used to apply liquid makeup such as foundation and Concealer. Beauty blenders are an example of sponge makeup applicators. Puff applicators are ideal for the application of loose powder. Makeup products such as loose powder, body shimmers or face powder can be applied easily with the help of puff. Just dab a little bit of product and apply it in a circular motion to get a flawless look. Puffs can also be used to get the Concealer and hide the blemishes.

The aforementioned ways and means are quite helpful for makeup and other purposes, which can be obtained from the market, without having much trouble to get them and with a great amount of varieties, manufactured by potential manufacturers from across the world.