How To Look Like A Gorgeous Ride On Your Wedding?

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Wedding Makeup Artist Tips

Wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. In your wedding day, you have to look like a pretty princess. Only getting the dress right does not solve all your problems. You also have to get the makeup on point in order to make sure that the photographs make you look like the beautiful damsel that you are.

Professional Makeup charges are huge and so if you want you can get the right look by doing makeup on your own. Here are a few Self Makeup Tips to help out through the day.

Wedding Makeup Tips And Tricks

Practice – The First Wedding Makeup Tips that anyone will give you is to practice the makeup you want on your wedding day. Practice everyday and capture pictures to see if you are getting the look right.

Bridal Makeup Tips Wedding

If not, then add the element that you think is missing. Capturing the pictures will let you see how your makeup turns up in the photo. Finally, on the day before your wedding do a rehearsal makeup with the wedding dress on so as to see whether you get the final look perfect.

Use moisturizer and primer – This is the step that most brides miss out on. Remember that you need a sooth application of the makeup and it needs to last long for the entire ceremony. Using a moisturizer will help your skin to become hydrated and smooth and will avoid forming dry patches while Applying Makeup.

Wedding Makeup Artist Tips

The primer will help the makeup to stay for long without smudging or fading.

Use theme based colors – While choosing your eye shadow, blush and lipstick shades, make it based upon the theme of your wedding. If it is a spring or summer wedding you can use light pastel and floral shades.

Wedding Makeup Tips For Brides

If it is, on the other hand, a winter wedding, you can opt for rich jewel tones. Again there is the location of the wedding that has to be considered. For a beach wedding use pastel and nude shades while for a church wedding you can opt for the more traditional colors.

Wedding Makeup Tips

Use waterproof makeup – The Primary Tips To Look Beautiful on your wedding is to use Waterproof Makeup. Opt for waterproof foundation and concealer. Especially while choosing your eyeliner and mascara make sure that it is waterproof so that your eye makeup does not smudge during the wedding. You can also opt to use fake lashes for the wedding. Make sure you are using good quality adhesive for your fake lashes.