Brown Eyes And The Makeup That Can Enhance Them!

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Makeup Brown Eyes Step By Step

Brown is perhaps the most common eye color and there is no dearth of tips and tricks to bring out the natural depths of the eyes. Brown also happens to be a part of the neutral family of colors hence it is slightly easier to dress it up or dress it down, as all colors have the potency to bring out the best in this colour! However, some do look better than the others and here are some tips for makeup for brown eyes.

1. Let’s get the elephant straight out of the room at first and discuss it. Blue Eye Shadow and electric blue eyeliner! Blue as a colour sounds so intimidating to a lot of people, let alone the thought of popping it all across your eyelids! But believe me when I tell you, blue as a color brings out the brown in your eyes like nobody’s business.

Makeup Brown Eyes

However, make sure to put blue either on your upper or lower lash lines. Let’s not crowd the eyes ladies! And if you do put it on the top lash line, make sure to make the eyes pop by lining the waterline with a nude eye pencil or highlighting the inner corner.

Makeup Brown Almond Eyes

2. Brown on brown is a match made in heaven makeup for brown eyes. Brown looks good across all skin tones across all undertones. However, it also looks insanely good on people with brown eyes. While for most people black is too stark for everyday use, and brown provides depth without the harshness, for women with brown eyes, it makes the eyes look wider. And if you are someone who feels massively drawn towards the whole Kylie lip phenomenon, then of course a brown lipstick to pair with Brown Eye Shadow or brown liner can take it to a whole new level to brown eyes makeup.

3. If you are someone who worships their neutrals but does not merely want to stick to brown, then bronze is another great idea. Bronze and gold eye shadows have a great potential to make eyes pop! Bronze smoky eyes creates this subtle gradient which looks subtle without being subtle yet sophisticated without being flamboyant. And the best part of working with neutrals like gold and bronze is, you can pair them with a variety of lip colours.

Makeup Brown Eyeshadow

Black smoky eyes and red lips is a big no-no in the fashion scene, but these colours look gorgeous with a red pout, or a mauve pink, or a beige nude or a brown. The choice is endless!

I hope you loved these makeup for brown eyes ideas and you’ll share with your friends others who has brown eyes and love to have some amazing makeup. Get more ideas here.

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