A Natural And Easy Beauty Regime Is All That You Need

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Amidst the everyday hustle and bustle of our daily lives our skincare regime tends to take a back seat. Improper eating habits, stress, chemical laden products attacks our skin and snatches it off the natural glow and radiance. Since both skincare and lifestyle contribute greatly to our looks and how we feel about ourselves, we must make maximum effort to take care of it. There are endless cosmetic advertisements and Beauty Products that lure you into buying products which are nearly ‘useless’’. Don’t fall for the trap, instead go natural and use effective homemade remedies for beautiful, glowing skin.

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The rule of thumb

If your dream is to achieve gorgeous glowing skin never ignore the rule of thumb: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. After Cleansing Your Face with an herbal face wash, further cleanse your skin using rose water. It is the best natural cleansing agent and is extremely popular for its skin healing properties in the Middle East.


Regular cleansing not only allows proper air circulation in your skin pores but also prevents breakout of pimples. Follow our cleansing with a toning regime using Tulsi water. Tulsi is known for its miraculous health properties one of which is offering a glowing and smooth skin. If you want to go all natural make your own homemade moisturizing pack using honey, multani mitti and onion juice.

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Gram flour for sun damage

Our skin is extremely sensitive and even slight contact with harmful UV rays can damage our skin from within. For treating sunburns and tans use gram flour or besan which is a great skin care aid and makes skin naturally glowing, soft and clear. Mix two tablespoons of gram flour with few tablespoons of yogurt and apply it on your face evenly. Yogurt has hydrating properties which moisturizes the skin and clears the skin pores for allowing proper breathing.

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Use herbal products

It so often happens that we do not get the adequate time for following a strict skincare regime. Making these homemade remedies might seem time taking and difficult but in reality all the ingredients and readily available and the formulas are easy to create. If you have a super strict schedule and if you cannot manage following the mentioned steps using natural products don’t stress over it. There is no harm in using cosmetic products, but before purchasing anything make sure to go through the ingredients of the formula. Use herbal products which are safe for the skin, and do not have any added side effects.