The Trick To Mastering The Perfect Eyebrow!

Sep 25, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

One of the trickiest parts of your makeup that is pretty hard to master is the eyebrows. If you are facing problems with getting your brows to look symmetrical and perfect like the ones you see on social media, it is not actually that hard to get your brows ‘on fleek’ and looking absolutely sculpted and perfect. If you want to learn how to make perfect eyebrows, we should start at the absolute beginning. Here are some of pointers which needs to consider to learn how to make perfect eyebrows easily.

Different brow shapes

You can opt for a wide array of different brow shapes for your eyebrows.

Whether you want a high arched brow or a brow that is slightly arched, there are such a wide variety of brow shapes you can opt for. You can go for block brows or thin brows, and these are all quite simple to achieve. There are a number of different brow shapes and experimenting is the only way you will find the one that you like the most.

how to make perfect eyebrows

Different brow products

Brow products come in a wide array of types. You can have a number of textures like a brow gel used with an angled brush, brow pencils, brow powders and brow mascaras. If you are just starting out with makeup, a pencil can give you enough control to etch out your eyebrows and a powder can help easily fill in your eyebrows.

Now that you are aware of the products and shapes, here are the steps you can use to make your eyebrows look perfect.

1. Etch out your brow

Start by brushing out your brow hairs. Use a spooly brush to comb your brow hair in one specific direction. Then you will need to start etching out your brow shape. The best product for this bit is to use a pencil or an angled brow brush and brow gel. The shape you want to carve out is pretty easy to trace out. Look straight ahead and put a pencil over the pupil of your eyes. This is where your brow will arch.

Getting A Perfect Eyebrow

By positioning this pencil, locate the start point by aligning the pencil with the inner corner of your eyes and the end by aligning it with the outer corner of your eye. Trace out this shape and you will get the shape of your brow.

2. Ombre your brow

If you are trying to make perfect eyebrows to look more natural and pretty, one of the styles you should use is to do an ombre effect on your brows. Using an ombre effect can make your eyebrows look naturalistic since we all have brows that start off sparse and grow thicker at the end.

Tips For A Perfect Eyebrow

To ombre your brow, choose a brow kit with two different colors with one lighter than the other. Place the lighter color in the starting part of your brow and deepen as you reach near the part where your natural brow grows thicker. Add a few strokes to the front of the brow to emulate the few starting hairs for a more realistic brow.

3. Set your brow

As with any cream product, what you want to do for your brow is to set it. Now you can choose from a few different products for this purpose.

The first is a powder brow kit. If you are using a cream product to draw your brows, this is a good option. However, this too is inefficient in keeping your brow hairs in place. One of the best products you can use for this purpose is a brow gel. A brow gel can help to set your brow hairs in place to make your brow look perfect throughout the day.

Making A Perfect Eyebrow

4. Make the brows more defined

This is the ultimate secret to those amazing and perfect eyebrows that you see on social media and have always wondered how they are created, it is the secret of concealer. Using a concealer can help to carve out the edges of your eyebrows and help you get more defined eyebrows. Moreover, if you have made a mess, using a concealer on a flat brush can help to carve out your brow and make them look absolutely perfect. An additional step you can use is a highlight on the brow bone to make your eyebrows look stunning.

I hope you learned how to make perfect eyebrows and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to have a perfect eyebrows.  Get more ideas here.

Have you any tips on how to make perfect eyebrows? Please share them in the comments below.