Tips And Tricks To Quit Bad Beauty Habits!

Dec 15, 2017 by Hansy shah

Waking up at 3 am and binging on the left-over cake slice, sleeping till late, pulling an all-nighter without removing your makeup or even smoking one more puff – though the idea seems exciting they all are a cause of worry to your skin!

Our skin is a reflection of what goes inside us. The things we do, the food we eat, the lifestyle we follow all show on your skin. These habits interrupt our life and bring our beauty to a roadmap of worries and stress.

Bad Beauty Habits To Break Now

A flawless skin with smooth touch isn’t a myth! In fact, it is as easy as maintaining your lifestyle and keeping your inside healthy to bring it on the outsides. While there can always be cosmetics to hide the marks – it is always a joy to cherish the healthy skin celebration! Here is how to quit bad beauty habits and promise you healthy skin!

Habit: Sweet tooth and excessive sugar likings

Let’s just agree that another slice of the chocolate ganache or the mighty doughnuts isn’t helping our body in terms of fitness or any beauty! As much as we would like to binge on just another piece, they are preparing to destroy another session of workout. Sugar habits can induce a lot of calories, hormonal dysfunction, indigestion problems and sometimes even serious diseases.

How to quit?

The best solution to quitting sugar consumption is to keep your body always hydrated. Drink lots of water and solve your cravings with fruits and vegetables which have natural sugar in them.

Beauty Habits

Habit: Smoking

Smoking kills beauty! The more you smoke you are prone to developing the signs of aging, damage your skin and make hyperpigmentation into the skin. It makes your skin age way too early.

How to quit?

To quit smoking make sure you consume some other source of caffeine and cut out on the nicotine cravings. Opt for drinking lots of water, workout and drink green tea to detoxify the blood toxins. To replenish your skin, get all the help from Vitamin E enriched creams, green tea, retinal and even Vitamin C.

Bad Beauty Habits To Break

Habit: Stress

Stress can give you a rush of hormones which are both good and bad. But when you are into excessive stress there can be an overflow of the stress hormone which can cause in getting high oil production, too much pressure in the brain and also the hindrance in producing collagen which can make your skin age.

How to quit?

Meditation is one of the easiest and heavenly ways of waving goodbye to stress. For internal peace try practicing yoga and meditation as they bring in happy hormones and calm down your senses to bring in natural beauty to your skin!

Habit: Late night & unhealthy binging

Often, we find ourselves so stressed that we stay up till night, watch a movie, eat up a lot of unhealthy food and finally feel good to sleep. As much as calm down this habit can be – it actually is hazardous to your skin. Sleep is the time for your skin to rejuvenate and relax your body but when you do the activity at odd hours it just does not relax the entire day. Thus, bringing in ageing skin, tiresome eyes and of course tired body.

How to quit?

Make it a habit to eat anything 4 hours before sleeping and make it a point that you relax before sleeping. Make meditation or listening to music a part of your schedule and try to unleash all the stress to sleep on time. It is when you sleep and eat on time that your skin will thank you to bits!

Beauty Bad Habits

Habit: Drinking

Surely drinking in limited quantities can be great for your skin but having excessive drinking is just going to load your body with sugar, alcohol, and other poisonous elements while dehydrating your body – which sure is not doing any good to your skin

How to quit?

For best drinking habits always ensure that you drink a glass of water between your drinks, this keeps your body hydrated and always in control. If possible do clean up your makeup at night and sleep with clean skin along with lots of water to keep your body hydrated and save from morning sickness.

Taking care of your habits is important for your body and especially your skin to stay healthy and glowing!