Natural Skincare For Sensitive Skin

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If you have sensitive skin, experiencing itching, burning, and redness may not be new for you. People with sensitive skin are more prone to suffer from several skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. Even with the small change in the climate or when your stress level becomes high in a short time or when you apply skin care products with harsh or chemical ingredients, your sensitive skin reacts immediately on such situations.

Obviously, being a sufferer with sensitive skin, you always look for the solutions that give you relief from the adverse effect on your skin without putting many efforts and huge money to treat your delicate skin type.

You do not require anything if you follow natural skincare for sensitive skin that not only get rid you from common skin irritations but also calm and soothe your skin to the best.

Natural Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

In this blog, we are going to share some of the important natural ways to take care of your sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera

Most of you might be heard many times or read somewhere about the importance of Aloe Vera gel on the skin. So, if you know about it, then why to keep yourself from taking the benefits of Aloe Vera to treat the common issues with your sensitive skin?

It is considered as the most effective and long-lasting ingredient which is also used in several skin care products in order to give its incredible benefits to the people. For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use cleansers and moisturizers containing Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. It helps your skin in soothing and hydrating as well as provides powerful nourishment to the skin.

Aloe Vera- Natural Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

More than 75 active nutrients present in Aloe Vera makes it one of the best solutions for natural skincare for sensitive skin, where you can apply it directly on your skin without any worry.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is something that actually works amazing on all skin types, even on sensitive skin. It works effectively in restoring your skin in the best natural way. Coconut oil is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin E and antioxidants that actually every skin type requires for calm, clear and glowing skin. It not only helps in moisturizing your skin but also helps in cleansing it, unclogging pores and calming the sensitivity level of your skin.

When you apply pure coconut oil on your skin and massage it gently, it penetrates deep inside the pores, also nourish and moisturize them from within. Another natural remedy, simply heat nearly 1 liter of coconut oil and add the crushed 10-12 black peppercorns, 3-4 dried gooseberries, 10-12 curry leaves and a hand full of henna leaves. Let this mixture to boil for 10-12 minutes. This oil can be the best moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Coconut Oil - Natural Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

Calendula Extract

Calendula Extract contains flavonoids, carotenoids and provides a unique combination of antioxidants which work great to protect and calm the irritated and inflamed skin. People who have used such extract as the natural skincare for sensitive skin are really amazed by the outcome. They feel their skin less irritated and inflamed after each time they apply calendula extract directly or as the main ingredient in a product they use.

It is also completely safe for babies as well, so it is also added as the ingredient in the baby lotions and in the cleansers and shower gels for the adults. Being a source of the natural healing process, calendula extract has now become a powerful sensitive skin care ingredient in several skin care products formulated especially for sensitive skin type.

Calendula Extract - Natural Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

Amla or Indian gooseberry

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it has been proved that daily consumption of amla is highly beneficial not only for your health but for the skin as well. If you really want to give that extra nourishment to your sensitive skin, you must eat one amla in a day. It can be consumed directly or you can steam it too.

You can also prepare amla juice and consume it every morning before having your breakfast. Take 150 ml of warm water and 30 ml of amla juice, mix both of them and drink it. Simply drink this juice for at least 12 weeks; you will be surprised with the visible difference on your skin. As amla are little bitter in taste, so you can add little honey to your juice to make it little flavored.

Amla - Natural Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

For preparing amla face mask, mix 1 tablespoon of amla juice and little honey, and apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. This is one of the effective ways to enjoy the benefits of natural skincare for sensitive skin.

Face Mask with all-natural ingredients for sensitive skin

We would also like to share one recipe of face mask containing all-natural ingredients that can easily be available at your nearby food store, if any of them is not available in your kitchen. This homemade face mask will definitely work on your sensitive skin and leaves it hydrated and moisturized in a natural way.

Ingredients you require preparing the face mask are:

  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1-2 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1-2 tablespoon raw and unpasteurized honey
  • 1 teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel
  • Half cup ground oats

Now, mix all these ingredients in a bowl and stir it well until this mixture becomes creamy. Once it is done, apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 30-35 minutes to let it dry. Rinse your face well with the lukewarm water.

This mask is not just a simple face mask like others; it makes you feel much better when you get relief from dry, irritated and parched skin. This face mask helps in providing the essential moisture and nutrients to the skin. Additionally, it also revives your sensitive skin gently and leaves it smooth and soft.

face mask


No doubt, sensitive skin can be taken care with the right products, but taking the help of natural skincare for sensitive skin is something that cannot be compared with other ways to treat irritation, redness and burning sensations.

Hope, these natural ways will help your skin to stay balanced and maintain the required moisture and hydration, and soothe your skin to a great level.

Also, do not let environmental and emotional stress to suffer your skin; simply go with natural skin care routine to protect your skin from struggling with sensitivity.

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