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Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro

We grow up listening to our mothers throwing Beauty Tips all the time at us. Our grandmother’s and the elderly in the family always have something to suggest when it comes to getting rid of those ugly pimples or dandruff problems. Even though people hardly get time to try Natural Remedies at home now, they are still the best to combat ugly pimples, acne, dandruff and any related beauty problems one can face.

With the advent of various Beauty And Makeup products, these natural remedies kind of get lost in the flow. I know people who still follow their mother’s advice and indulge into home remedies whenever they get time.

Apply Eyeshadow Like A ProFace packs at home

Every individual desires glowing and radiant skin and with progressing age, this tends to deteriorate. The kitchen is the hub for magical ingredients which help bring out the natural glow in a person’s face without the addition of the chemical by-products of makeup. These chemicals, in the long run, cause various Skin Problems and elevates the aging process of the skin. Papaya is a wonderful vegetable. Face Packs made out of mashed ripe papaya, aloe vera extract, rose water and sandalwood powder makes a wonderful face pack. I speak out of the experience. Application for 2-3 times a week leaves the skin glowing, radiant and exfoliated- free of germs and dead skin. Red clay is another ingredient that can be incorporated with rose water, sandalwood and other ingredients and applied like a Normal Face Pack. The iron oxide of the clay helps in absorbing the impurities in the pores of the skin, leaving the skin fresh. Skin scrub packs made out of oatmeal and other products help the skin be free of dead skin.

If used at proper time intervals and instructions, these face packs work magic for the skin.

There are various Beauty Products which can be made at home. For example, Kohl. The rich black colour can be achieved by application of heat and clarified butter with options of usage of almonds or other seeds which have essential oils. The Kohl extracted is thus safe, super dark, reliable and long lasting. Natural dyes can also be used for getting the tint on the lips or the blush on the cheeks. DIY videos of various home remedies are available online, making our lives easier.

The next time you buy an expensive product, remind yourself how you can try the same procedure at home and see the results without a hole in your pocket!

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