15 French Tip Nail Designs For Your Next Manicure

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Have you ever tried French tip nail designs? The main idea of the French manicure is to paint the tip of your nails with a color that complements or contrasts the color of the nails. When you combine different types of manicures, it makes your nails stand out. Moreover, they look great on any kind of outfit and personal style.

Whether it is trendy nail polishes or chrome nails, all are included in a French manicure. Moreover, you also have the choice to go with glitter and embellishments. If you are fond of nail art, you will be amazed to find numerous pretty and fun French tip nail ideas. They will not only make your manicure stand out in the crowd and will also enhance your personality as a fashionista.

French tips are quite popular and also easier to wear. The main classic manicure idea is getting a nude or light pink base color with nail tips in white. Like other nail trends, these designs also change with time and you will find new creations.

A French manicure is something that is chic, polished, and timeless. You can give your nails a great look without spending a fortune in the salon. These French tips are pretty easy to paint. Also, you need not have tips to be white, especially when you have many ideas. You can color the tips in any color or design you want, which showcases your personality.

french tip nail designs

Here, we have collected some of the great French tip nail designs that look amazing on long and short nails. So, just look around and get something best for your nails.

French Tip Nail Designs

  1. Short Nails with Square Tips
  2. Metallic Green French Tips with Nude base
  3. Shimmery Red Tips with Glossy Coat
  4. Rose Gold Coffin Nails
  5. Pink Matte and Chrome Tips
  6. Gel French Nail Tips with Light Pink Polish
  7. Floral Nail Art
  8. Pink and Gold Chrome Nails
  9. Pink and Magenta French Tips
  10. Gold Glitter French Nails
  11. Shimmering Glitter with Square Tips
  12. Golden Stripes on French Tips
  13. Rainbow French Tip Nails
  14. Embellished Pink and Gold Nails
  15. Blue and Silver Design Nails

1.     Short Nails with Square Tips

No worries if you have short and skinny nails. You can still enjoy French tip nail designs with a French manicure. Just have a semi-translucent nude base, as it will work great in keeping your cuticles look fresh and clean. What about adding an ultra-thin thin line? It will help in generating additional space for you. If you want to get something different than white, you can opt for a colorful tip.

2.     Metallic Green French Tips with Nude base

It is 100% sure that this can be one of the best French tip nail ideas for those who are looking for something different than classic nail design. This design has swanky green and gold depiction that every woman will love to have. This design has a clear, glossy base that is pretty great to have shimmering emerald tips.  If you want to try something new and modern, this dazzling style is ideal for you.

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3.     Shimmery Red Tips with Glossy Coat

Do you love to have shining nails? Then, this design with a glistening French manicure is perfect for you. To get some bold and warm design that can go with any attire and occasion, you must not miss trying these shimmery red French tips with a transparent base coat. It ensures to give a striking and subtle look.

4.     Rose Gold Coffin Nails

No matter whether you have long or short nails, this delectable French tip nail design ensures to add a statement to your style. You cannot get a better look than these great rose gold tips with a nude base. On top of it, when you add acrylic extensions, it works great in giving an unexpected addition to your superficially nude nail beds. This design is something that will encourage you to book your next nail appointment soon.

5.     Pink Matte and Chrome Tips

french tip nail designs

Are you looking for amazing French tip nail ideas? You can try this French manicure with a coat of subtle pinkish-white matte polish. As a result, you will get a fresh and neat line of shining pink chrome. Moreover, this classic French tip nail idea can fit easily with any latest nail trends. This nail tip design is perfect for all women who love to have the subtle and perfect touch for any outfit.

6.     Gel French Nail Tips with Light Pink Polish

Want to get something different than the usual nail manicure? You must try this gel French nail tip design without making your nails fussy. It starts with getting a solid coat of a glossy light pink polish, and then you will have nails tips painted slim for an updated look.

It is one of the simple French tip nail designs that will be loved by all women looking for a subtle look. You can go for this design for a wedding or for any formal occasion.

7.     Floral Nail Art

For women who want to get something trendy than classic, then this is one of the sweet French tip nail ideas that involve a classic pink and white base. Also, the tips are painted straight to get a neat look.

You can have beautiful blossoms on any finger you want, such as on each ring fingernail. This design has the power to grab the attention of people around you. More to this, this design can provide a fresh and lovely accent to any outfit.

8.     Pink and Gold Chrome Nails

If you are a pink lover, then it is another French nail tip idea that you can try on your nails and get the perfect look. It starts with a glossy pink base, and the tips are done with gold chrome polish. This design is great for brides and bridesmaids. You can even get this look for any special occasion. If you are going to wear gold and diamond jewelry, this look complements your style.

9.     Pink and Magenta French Tips

Do you want to get your French manicure different from ordinary pink and white colors? What about magenta tips? Of course, it will look amazing. This design starts with cotton candy pink as a base and uses magenta for tips. The magenta tips work as a little pop-up that makes all the difference to your French manicure. The combination of pink and magenta is really great fun and youthful.

10.Gold Glitter French Nails

french tip nail designs

It is one of the creative French tip nail designs that give an entirely new look to your nails. In this design, your nails are painted with a coat of blush pink, and you have to do a thick coat of glitter at the tips of your nails. You can even spread some glitters towards the middle of your nails.

11.Shimmering Glitter with Square Tips

This design looks amazing on long nails. This French tip nail idea consists of square tips. Get the base coated with a gentle shade of peachy pink, and the tips of the nails are to be done in a fresh cream shade. You can have tips in some longer designs than others. Get one finger coated with glitter for a wonderful look. Here, ring fingers will work the best.

12.Golden Stripes on French Tips

Have you ever seen gorgeous gold stripes on French tip acrylic nails? Get this design with a base coat of a baby pink shade while tips of the nails are to be done with white in square shape. You have the choice to either get gold stripes on one finger or on all, whatever you will love to have. Moreover, this design provides visual interest to your French manicure.

13.Rainbow French Tip Nails

To get something outside of the usual French tip manicures, you must try these colorful nails. You can have a pale pink color as a base coat, which is something cute and easier for any nail design. For the tips of the nails, you can have different colors of your choice to get a rainbow effect. This is one of the fun and loving French tip nail designs for all ages.

14.Embellished Pink and Gold Nails

Like other French manicures, this French nail tip design also has a baby pink base and white tips. What makes it different from others is the use of little beads of silver in the line between pink and white. This design looks perfect in the squoval style. If you are going to wear silver or crystal jewelry, this subtle nail art design complements your look.

15.Blue and Silver Design Nails

french tip nail designs

This design has a classy pale blue as a base coat, while for tips of the nails, silver metallic polish is used. This blue and silver combination is a nice comparison to all the pink and white French tip manicures.

These designer nails are the perfect choice for those who want to get a classic French look, but also looking for a different color to complement their style and personality.

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Final Words

No matter what French tip nail designs you choose, your nails will look great. When it comes to the French manicure, they are always fabulous and can go with style and for any occasion. French manicure is something that gives a feminine and polished look. You must try any of these designs as you can never go wrong with any of them.