Now Apply Nail Polish Like A Professional Keeping These Tips In Mind

Mar 15, 2018 by Kail Valagoth

While nail art is on the rage and professionals and bloggers are busy uploading DIYs for us commoners to make our nails look like never before, some of us still do not know how to apply the simple nail polish in order. It is very necessary to follow the professionals tips for applying nail polish if you want to have beautiful nails.

Apply Gel Nail Polish At Home

You agree with us, right?

Here we are sharing tips for applying nail polish like a professional so that you never complain again while and after painting your nails!

1. To get started.

  • Keep all the necessary equipment handy, so that you don’t have to run here and there looking for them in between the application process. We mean your cotton balls, cotton ear buds, nail clippers, nail polish remover, base coat, cuticle stick and obviously your nail polish.
  • Remove any excess nail polish using a cotton ball dabbed with some nail polish remover. Take the help of an ear bud if necessary. You can try Gel Nail Polish Basix Remover & Cleanser.
  • Clip your nails and using a nail filer shape your nails in the one you wish to flaunt. It can be oval, rectangular, square, circular shape or anything apart from these (if there is any)!
  • Soak your hands in some warm water for some time and let them dry. Using a cuticle stick, push back your cuticles (the dead skin at the base of your nail) to the edge of the nails.
  • Choose the nail color that suits your mood, dress, or occasion, and do not choose a nail paint that is too old, as it tends to get thick and gloppy when you apply it!
  • Warm the nail polish for about 25-30 seconds by rubbing them in between your palms.

2. Base coat is important bro.

The base coat of a transparent colored nail polish is a must to make your nail paint last longer and stick better to your nails. Just three swipes of this on each nail would be enough! Apply it lightly (don’t make it thick).

Apply Nail Polish Correctly

3. Three strokes and that’s it!
Lay your hand firmly against a table or any other hard surface and spread out your fingers. After you have applied the base coat, start by applying the first layer of the nail paint of your choice starting with your index finger.

Start by placing a blob of paint at the bottom of the nail just next to the cuticle and even that out in the whole nail lightly. You can also use the three-stripe rule and apply the nail polish in one nail in just three thin strokes!

4. The final coat!

Please be patient. Let your first layer of nail polish dry completely, before you apply the second coat in the exact manner as the first! Let it dry again. If you are putting a dark color, you can follow up with a third coat, but if it is a light colored nail paint, the second layer can be your final coat.

Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

5. Oh, you cannot miss the top coat.

Remember how you started? That is how you would finish it too. Once your nails are completely dry, take the clear nail polish and apply a top coat on your nails for that extra shine. It provides extra strength (in case you have longer nails) and prevents your nail color from wearing off easily too.

Apply Nail Polish Short Nails

6. Get that perfect finish!

The nail polish application work can get a little messy, and to clean it up, use your cotton ear buds. Simply dab it in some nail polish remover and clean up the extra nail polish that may appear on the skin beside the nails. Make it all appear neat and clean by removing extra using Natural and Plant based nail polish remover.


Some quick tips:

  • To let your nails dry quickly, keep your hand under cool or icy water, or simply dip in your finger nails into a bowl containing the same
  • Keep away from quick-dry nail polishes as they can dehydrate your nails
  • Store your nail paints in a cool and dry place (like your refrigerator)
  • Apply a good quality branded nail polish and we recommend is Sexy Mix Soak Off Gel Nail Polish
  • You can put stickers or try different nail arts to make your nails look more glamorous!
How To Art

Never make mistakes while applying nail polish again. Simply keep these tips in mind, and paint your nails easily like a pro using SHANY Nail Art! Come on, nail it!

I hope you loved these tips for applying nail polish that can help you to paint your nails easy and beautiful way. Get more ideas from Pinterest.

Apart from these, if you know any tips for applying nail polish then please share them in the comments below.