Makeup Tips For Beginners

Charlotte Tilbury once said, “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.” Hyperbolic as it may sound, makeup is like an armour and while it’s absolutely no necessary to wear it every day, no woman in their right mind would deny the sense of all encompassing power it gives them when […]

Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

How To Apply Makeup Easy and Quick Way

Applying Makeup can be really sucking off if you are a novice in this field. We can be a business expert, a well versed student, a dynamic teacher, but when it comes to Application Of Makeup all that is required is practice and experience. A person who has not committed a blunder while applying makeup […]

How To Apply Makeup Foundation

Professional Face Makeup Decoded!

All of us must have wondered how the Professional Makeup artists are able to bring that marked change in a person’s appearance. No matter what you do it doesn’t seem as fabulous and flawless as the professionals. But don’t worry anymore because now we are going to explore some tricks that the make-up artists use […]

Professional Face Makeup

Let Your Longer Eyelashes Be The Focal Point Of Your Face

Every woman wishes to have thicker, longer eyelashes. However, our natural eyelashes are not as long as we want. Often, many women like to use artificial eyelashes to have the desired look. But, if you do not have much time to apply such product precisely, you have some more tips to be followed. Apply some […]


Eye Makeup For Beginners

Perhaps the most important feature of our face, which needs to be highlighted while doing makeup, is our eyes. The eyes are the window to our soul and similarly it is the most focused upon area for applying makeup. If you’re eye makeup beginners, then you must be intimidated by all the variety of products […]

Eye Makeup For Beginners