How To Apply The Perfect Eye Makeup?

Jun 09, 2017 by Hansy shah

If you are a girl and have crossed the age of 10 then chances are very high that Applying Makeup comes easily to you. Every girl nowadays knows a trick or two about Applying Makeup. But does every girl know the perfect manner of Applying Eye Makeup?

Maybe not!

Really ask yourselves, how often do you spot a random girl in college having made a mess of her eyes while applying eyeshadow? Very often, right. Let us learn a few ways in which you will get the perfect Eye Makeup that will compliment your perfect eyes.

Applying Eyebrow Makeup

Why is it important to learn the perfect way of applying eye makeup?

The fact is no matter how good you are in Applying Makeup if you messed up the applying eye makeup part then you probably will end up looking horrible. Such is the essence of the eyes of a woman that it can make her a sensation or let her down incredibly. That is why every girl must learn the nuances of applying eye makeup in the perfect manner so that her eyes become more beautiful than ever.


A few important tips

1. Always begin clean and fresh : – It is always better to begin with a clean slate and that is why you must clear out any traces of leftover mascara or eyeliner from your eyes. Do not apply any kind of moisturiser on your eyelids instead you may opt for primer. While applying the primer make sure you apply it on the entire eyelid and the brow bone.

Applying Eye Makeup For Beginners

2. Even out the skin tone : – No one likes to have dark circles beneath their eyes. Tone out any such marks around your eyes by using a concealer. You may use your fingers or a brush to evenly apply the concealer around your eyes.

3. Applying eyeshadow : – Now we get to the tricky part. You have the option of applying eyedshadow of a single colour or a mix of several colours. A basic trick is to apply a medium shade on your eyelids, a light toned shade on the brow bone and on the crease a dark colour must be applied.

4. Apply the eyeliner : – There are many eyeliner tips that can come in handy but the basic technique is to draw a dotted line of small strokes on your upper lash and then fill up the spaces with even smaller strokes.

Applying Eye Makeup

5. Curl the eye lashes : – You can use an eyelash curler and hold your upper lash with the clamp for about 5 seconds before you even think of applying mascara.

6. Apply mascara : – Finally you are allowed to apply the mascara of your choice.

Go ahead and follow these eye makeup ideas and get the perfect look you have always desired.