5 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Beautician Wants You To Know

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Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas

Starting from the flowers to the dress, you have picked it all and arranged everything to the minutest detail. But you should know that the Bridal Makeup can either make you look like a princess or you might even end up with extremely loud makeup.

Here are some helpful bridal makeup tips which would see you through the day:

1. Don’t pretend to be what you are not

Your Bridal Beautician is insisting on giving you a big hair updo, long lashes and bright red lips and all you can think of is how to escape. It is better if you communicate your personal makeup preferences to the Makeup Artist so that they can be as bold or as natural as necessary.

Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas

2. Take a makeup test

Your beautician has been recommended both by your sister and your best friend, so nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Wrong! Even the best of us tend to make mistakes so it would be a good idea to test your bridal look one day prior to the ceremony so you know exactly what you want on the D day.

3. Smile and get that Blush

Are you even a bride if you don’t have rosy cheeks? Blend your blush like a professional by smiling and applying the blush powder to the cheekbones which pop out. You can never go wrong with this brilliant Beauty Hack!

Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks

4. Consider the weather

If you are getting married during the summer season, make sure all your Bridal Makeup is oil free so that it doesn’t bleed because of the warmth or your sweat. Choose your foundation, moisturizer and primer carefully and keep a small pack of oil blotting face wipes in your purse should you need to wipe the excess oil.

Bridal Makeup Tips

5. Seek inspiration

Never restrict yourself to the cliché wedding magazines when you are trying to decide on a bridal look. Make a list of the latest makeup trends that excite you, be it sparkly eyes or nude lips and you might just be able to coordinate your makeup with your outfit. Ask your beautician for opinion before you go ahead to prevent creating a mess of your face a few minutes before you are due to meet the bridegroom.

Wedding Makeup Tips And Advice

Bridal makeup looks can turn out to be the most beautiful if only you remind your beautician to take care of the above bridal makeup tips.

I hope you loved these bridal makeup tips and you’ll be follow it on your special day to look gorgeous during the whole day. Get more ideas here.

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