8 Best Short Haircuts For Girls and Women

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If you are thinking of imparting a summer makeover to your looks, then nothing can serve you better than a short and sexy haircut. These easy to manage hairstyles ranging from asymmetrical bobs to pixie cuts are increasingly being sported by red carpet divas with sublime panache.

You can easily take a cue from their lookbook to curate summer ready styles with the short haircuts for girls to pump up your fashion quotient in no time.

Asymmetric Pixie

Pixie cuts having asymmetry can help you in standing out of the crowd especially if you opt for long bangs in one side and temple undercut on another. You can exercise maximum flexibility while varying the length of your pixie cut and toggling with different textures. Incorporating a dash of color can further add up to the fun quotient of your persona.

Asymmetric Pixie Haircut - Short Haircuts For girls

You can hereby opt for either two-tone hair color or solid pastels for pumping up your style game. One of the best things about an Asymmetric Pixie cut, it doesn’t always have to be super short. You can easily opt for a long section either at the side or the back leading to an edgy yet girly look.

Short Side Swept Hair

You can add a retro drama to your deep side part with a curling iron. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies who like to make a bold statement and frequently experiment with their hair length. Although this short haircut for girls looks best in white or grey colored hair, you are most welcome to try out other colors in accordance with your preference.

Short Side Swept Hair

You can achieve this look by chopping off your hair up to the upper part of your neck and making a side parting for sweeping all the hair accordingly.

Layered Bangs

This is one such short haircuts for girls which can be achieved by chopping off your hair up to the neck and in accordance with your preferred length. Your hair will thus be the shortest at the side and back portion whereas the front part will be longer to create side bangs. The best thing about this cut is its elegance and simplicity as it frames your face exquisitely.

Layered Bangs

The side-swept choppy bangs and jaw-length bob can be styled pretty easily. You can enhance the dimension and texture of your hairstyle by coloring it in blonde hue along with darker tinges at the root region.

Blunt Cut With Bangs

This one of the chic and flattering short haircuts for girls can impart a trendy and edgy style which can be worn to perfection in a super easy manner. This eye-catching style looks best when paired with your natural waves in an unstructured and loose way. The best thing about blunt bangs is that it imparts a girlish charm with a rock-n-roll edge.

Blunt Cut With Bangs - Short Haircuts For girls

In stark contrast to the shaggy nuanced layers, the blunt hairstyle has the exact same length all around. This bold and unapologetically sexy hairstyle can suit a diverse array of hair textures and face shapes by emphasizing on your cheekbones.

Short Wavy Curly Hairstyle

If curly hair is causing maintenance problems, then you can trim it off for a wavy and effortless hairstyle much like our favorite Rachel Adams. You will just have to chop off your hair up to the hairline and make a side partition for a beautiful look. Adding some front bangs can further spice up your look and bring you to the spotlight in no time.

Wavy Curly - Short Haircuts For girls


Pompadour or faux hawk is a brand-new hairstyle which is gaining record popularity amongst ladies after being pioneered by Pink and Miley Cyrus. This style is ideal for those feisty divas who want to make a bold statement by shaving off both the sides and teasing the center.

Pompadour - Short Haircuts For girls

This hairstyle creates a perfect harmony between the pompadour style of the 1950s, flattop of 50s and Mohawk of recent times for an avant-garde look.

Flipped-Up Front

This short hairstyle for girls can flatter the facial structure of ladies having slightly wavy to straight hair and oval-shaped faces as it adds the requisite volume for a bouncy look. You can flip out the front ends using a roller or curling iron on dry hair. While a large round brush will pave the path for a subtle look, a curling iron will lead to tight curls for that retro sixties vibe.

Flipped-Up Front - Short Haircuts For girls

Bowl Cut Hairstyle

This 80s-inspired hairstyle is making a major comeback in the fashion circuit as fashion icons like Robyn, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya and Rihanna are sporting this nostalgic look with unexpected twists. The heavy fringe of one of these short haircuts for girls fall just above the ears to imitate the shape of an upside-down bowl.

This classic hairstyle can bring you to the spotlight provided you maintain an appropriate length and style. Be it official events or a high fashion get-together, this hairstyle can keep your back flawlessly.

Bowl Cut - Short Haircuts For girls

The best thing about the bowl hairstyle, it is universally flattering and suits almost all face cuts, be it square, oval, round, long or heart-shaped. This cut, however, looks best on ladies having naturally straight hair as it accentuates your best features while adding to your overall elegance.


If you have yearned for sporting a short hairstyle, then now is the time to enact the same. Nothing can match up to the sheer comfort of summer breeze blowing against your bare neck and the short haircuts for girls can guarantee the same in a frivolous manner. Fewer sweaty hair moments can help you in styling your hair effortlessly and with minimum hassles.

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