Top 7 Layered Haircuts For Long Hair

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layered haircuts for long hair

Layered haircuts for long hair can be achieved by cutting your locks only a few inches from the ends and leaving the rest of your tresses long. The main aim here remains to avoid severe and choppy lines for that extra boost of volume and texture.

Unique Layered Haircuts For Long Hair

Long layers can be highlighted by adding some feathering around the face depending on your face shape. You should, however, ensure that the cut does not cross over the jawline for guaranteeing that understated vibe.

Waterfall Curls

The waterfall waves can serve as ultimate nirvana for texture seekers as it strikes the right chord of harmony between loose waves and tight curls. These layered haircuts for long hair can impart a natural looking volume ranging from root to tip.

You can sport this cascading style both at formal events as well as a casual meetup. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it increases in appeal once you wake up in the morning with a slept-in texture.

Waterfall Curls

Layered Bangs

Layered hairstyles for long hair can make your life easier as it beautifully opens up your curls for making your wavy hair cascade down in a beautiful manner. This can usher in mammoth savings in time while styling your tresses.

A layered cut can also bring down the unnecessary volume from your hair and prevent unnecessary tangling and knotting. You can opt for this style without compromising on the length. These straight cut bangs stand out as the epitome of simplicity by creating a look of grace and elegance.

You can nail this look by straightening all of your hair while picking 2-inch hair sections at a time. While straightening the bangs, you will have to turn the iron a little towards your face. All your bangs can be swept over to one side and some smoothening serum can be applied for signing off your look in a polished manner.

Blunt Bangs With Straight Layered Hair

Don’t we all absolutely heard the image of Cleopatra wearing big earrings, serpent crown, flawless makeup, and blunt bangs! Even you can channelize your inner diva by sporting these blunt bangs which are mostly thick with next to none feathering.

These layered haircuts for long hair are usually cut around the eyes or maybe a bit above the eyebrow. You might thus require regular maintenance as these bangs can ruin your overall style if they grow beyond proportions.

Blunt Bangs With Straight Layered Hair

Blunt bangs are ideal for ladies having a large forehead as it renders adequate balance to your face shape. Such a type of hairstyle can bring horizontal focus to your face and make people notice your eyes, cheekbones, and mouth rather than your face shape.

Glossy Curls

A head full of glossy curls can turn you into a showstopper in no time. You can try out these layered haircuts for long hair by brushing your hair from the bottom for gently detangling each knot.

Split ends can also be avoided by trimming your hair every six to eight weeks. You can easily nail this low-maintenance style by tying damp hair into two braids and following the natural drying procedure.

Long Straight Layers

The best thing about Layered hairstyles for long hair is that they look equally flattering even when worn in a simple manner at a formal event as it looks at a flirtatious date. These layered haircuts for long hair tend to add volume to your hair and provides with greater flexibility in terms of styling.

A few strategically chopped layers can provide you with innumerable styling options even when you are running late for a meeting. You can either keep it simple and straight or throw it up in a bun. For naturally straight tresses, it is advisable to use a deep conditioner and air dry your hair post washing.

This can render a silky-smooth look to the same with minimal effort. You should also refrain from using excessive hair spray as that tends to deprive your hair from its natural moisturizers.


You can try out these layered haircuts for long hair as they can flatter almost all face types. Long interior layers can be created through a point-cutting technique for bringing down the bulk and accelerating movement at the same time.

spiral long hair

This glamorous hairstyle can be completed by adding fringe bangs or face-framing sections which can bring the spotlight on your eyes by balancing out your facial features. The best thing about this layered hairstyle is that it can be managed effortlessly as it works in your favor once you gain a clear understanding of your hair texture.

Side Swept Bangs

These layered haircuts for long hair can beautifully frame the face for a demure look. These bangs look best on naturally straightened hair but you can also carry them off with wavy and blow-dried locks. It is advisable to dry the bangs before proceeding with the rest of your hair.

After achieving a perfect cut, you should blow dry your hair with precision. Various women suffer from Bubble Bangs syndrome which can be avoided by putting down the round brush and blow drying your hair with a paddle or flat brush.

However, you need to avoid wispy and thin bangs as they can make your face look dated. If you are not ready to try out thick bangs, then you can pair up the side-swept ones with long layers. This allows your hair in growing out and makes your face look less boxy at the same time.


If you are thinking about changing your hairstyle without bidding adieu to your length, then layers can serve as your ideal choice. The trendy and super-chic layered haircuts for long hair look equally flattering on almost all hairstyles.

But, if you are still confused about which style will suit your best, then you can take a cue from the celeb-inspired lookbook collated above.

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