Beauty Tips for Skin in Summer

Kail Valagoth

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Summer Beauty Tips 2017

Summer is probably the season no one likes, Right? Not only it is so hot & humid outside but also during summer our skins become more prone to dark spots/patches, acnes & pimples. Due to the weather that prevails during this season, the skin loses its moisturizer & it loses its glow & becomes dull & saggy. Not only your skin becomes dry but also due to this kind of weather your skin becomes oily which results in having pimples afterward. So, it is very necessary to take proper care of the Skin During Summer.

* Your skin, as well as your body, needs to be hydrated. During summer your body loses a lot of water so it’s very essential to replenish the lost water in the body. Drink as much water or fresh juices as you can, it will help your skin to retain moisture.

Summer Beauty Tips For Skin

* Always Apply Sunscreen before you leave the house. Carry an umbrella or wear sunglasses whenever you go out & avoid going out between 12:00 p.m – 3:00 p.m.

* Scrub your Skin During Summer. A mixture of oatmeal with milk acts as a natural scrubber for your skin

* You are bound to get tans during this season of the year. So, to remove the tans squeeze out the juice of a lemon & mix it with rose water & apply to your skin daily. Lemon juice work wonders on tans

* Use multani mitti pack for your skin, it absorbs all kind of oils & dirt from your skin leaving your skin feeling cool

* Use as much Less Makeup as possible during summer, it lasts long in your skin during this kind of weather conditions

* Cleanse your skin with any kind of Natural Cleansers or any kind of cleansing milk & wash your face 10-15 times a day. It removes dirt & sweat from skin

Summer Beauty Tips And Tricks

* Avoid eating oily & spicy foods during summer & taking lots of fruits & green vegetables. It helps your skin to gain nutrition.

* Try to pamper your skin with different kinds of natural packs & use ingredients like sandalwood powder or paste, tomato juice, lemon, aloe Vera, yogurt & other natural ingredients.

Summer Beauty Tips For Face

* Always keep face wipes ready in your handbag & use them once when you step out. Also, wear lip balms as your lip is 2 times thinner than your skin.

So, follow these steps & some of the home remedies you can maintain a #BeautifulSkin even in summer