Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

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Beauty Tips For Dry Skin Face

Every one out of two girls would be having some or the other kind of skin problem. And would end up using the same “Beauty Creams” present in the market & there were many of us go wrong. Each one of us have different Types Of Skin – it may be oily or normal or dry, so no two skin are same as a result of which the treatment for each type of skin will differ. So here are few beauty tips for dry skin for them who have problems with their “Dry Skin” –

A. Let’s start with the way you take bath. In winters try to take bath in warm water, avoid using cold water even if you don’t like to take bath in warm water because it makes your skin drier & parched

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin Homemade

* Try not to use shop to Cleanse Your Body, if possible use body wash which has some quantity of moisturizer in them. Unlike shop it does not dries your skin.

* After your bath, do not rub the towel hard against your skin, just pat it dry.

B. At least apply some kinds of Body Moisturizers or body oils twice a day irrespective of which season it is. As your skin is already dry in nature it requires an additional amount of moisturizer to remain hydrated all day long.

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin At Home

C. H2O comes to rescue! Water is one of the most important factors to retain the moisture in the body. So, it is highly recommended to have plenty & plenty of water throughout the day so that your skin retains good amount of moisture & does not become dry so often.

D. Not only Honey is good to taste but also it is very beneficial for your skin. Take some honey & apply it all over your face & neck region & leave it for 10-15 minutes. Honey is such a natural ingredient that it not only acts as a moisturizer but also Cleanses Your Face leaving it looking youthful & soft.

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

E. Milk is a rich source of Protein so before you drink it just take away the ‘Milk Cream’ or the thick creamy layer that lies above & apply all over your face & leave it for 5-10 minutes; then wash it off your face with cold water. The fat present in the ‘Milk Cream’ hydrates your skin leaving it soft & plump.

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