Beauty Tips For Ladies – Be The Head Turners!

Jun 15, 2017 by Hansy shah

Girls to ladies is a phenomenal change. This is something only ladies here will be able to relate to though. However, if you seriously come to think of it, it is such a big transformation. From teenage to being adults, haven’t we all changed the way we dress and put on Makeup? Today we are going to discuss beauty tips for ladies as well as for girls who are eagerly looking forward to this phase of their lives.

Use non-comedogenic products:

The dreadful dream we all have had almost all the time is the fear of getting acnes after using products.

I personally had stopped using makeup after getting rashes when I Applied Makeup. But now I know the trick. Whenever you go to buy Beauty Products, always go for non-cosmogenic products. These are products which don’t ruin your skin so you can happily use them without getting scared of skin irritation.

Beauty Tips For Ladies Face

Eye brows can get messy:

Yes this is true! You might just have bad eye brow days when your eye brows start looking weird and messy. Just apply a bit of Vaseline on your eyebrows and bring them back to shape. You can further use an eye brow brush to shape it.

Natural Beauty Tips For Ladies

Coconut oil for your hair!

Hair is one of the most appealing parts of our body. With growing age, we mess with them a lot. Be that curling or straightening, our hair tolerates it all. This might end up in split ends, dry and dull hair. All you can do is give your hair a good coconut oil massage before shampooing it. This will heal and repair your hair and make it shiny.

Beauty Tips For Ladies

Take care of your skin.

We all want beautiful glowing and radiant skin! But how? Yea, you can always resort to Makeup but there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Always remove make up when you are home. You can use almond oil to remove your lipstick, mild cream to remove your eye make-up and finally wash your face with cold water. Warm water can often block your skin pores resulting in acnes and blisters. Cold water calms your skin tissues and removes the oil from your skin helping it to breathe.

So next time you go out with your friends, to a party or on a date, dress up and apply makeup happily. Just remember these beauty tips for ladies and you are on!

If you know any beauty tips for ladies, then please share it in comments!