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Long And Beautiful Hair Tips

Your Hair can be long or short but beautiful smooth and silky hair is a dream for every girl out there, is it not? But with increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle with a crunch in time, it has become impossible for us girls to keep our Hair in order. The amount of torture our Hair takes just to make us look good is countless. Be it straightening or curling, colors or streaks, our Hair handles it all. End of the day we are left with thin, dull and unmanageable hair which we finally need to chop off and that cycle continues. Today, I will tell you a few tips for beautiful hair that can improve your Hair quality.

Get rid of the pollution:

Beautiful Hair Tips At Home

Pollution, dust and bad climate can often make your scalp very dirty and itchy. All you need to do is use lemon, olive oil and water. Mix all of them and apply to your scalp. Follow this by shampooing your hair and this will not only remove the dry flakes of scalp but also moisturize it.

Damaged hair? Not fair!

Your hair can get damaged and damped at times. To remove the fizz, you can use honey and olive oil. Mix half a cup of honey and two table spoons of olive oil. Apply it on damped dry hair and massage well. Rinse with water after 20 minutes. This will give you amazing results.

Beautiful Hair Tips And Tricks

Bouncy hair:

Many of us have thin hair and all we want is to improve the volume of our hair. All you can do is mix beer and eggs. Mix ½ cup flat beer, 1 egg and a bit of oil. Apply it on your hair, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. You will get bouncy hair in no time.

Say bye to dandruff!

Dandruff is one of the most common problems every one of us faces. You have probably used all kinds of shampoos with chemicals to get rid of dandruff but received no results. The simple way is to mix some amount of brown sugar to your conditioner and apply it on your hair. Massage it and the rinse off with water properly. This will reduce your dandruff.

Beautiful Hair Tips

These are a few tips for beautiful hair which you can try at home. Get more ideas on hair from Pinterest.

If you know any other tips for beautiful hair then share them in the comments!