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Long, thick & Shiny Hair is probably the dream of every girl. Every girl wants her hair to be like Rapunzel. But in today’s pollution & dust it becomes impossible to maintain long hair, these pollutants harm the hair so much that hair fall, grey hair, Frizzy Hair becomes your daily partners. The Hair Care Products that are available in the market do not help your hair in long run instead ruin them. These are some beauty tips for hair by which you can maintain your hair & keep it in a good shape for a long period of time.

* Oil your hair & then shampoo it after every two days. So, there’ll be fewer chances of dirt & oil settling in the scalp. Go for mild shampoos as it won’t make your Hair Frizzy after wash.

Beauty Tips For Hair Growth

* Want to use conditioner after shampoo? Well then don’t go for chemical conditioner instead go with the natural & best conditioner that is egg yolk. The yolk part is very rich in fats & proteins which help to Moisturize Your Hair. Do rinse off with lukewarm water only.

* We all get an itchy scalp especially during summers & winters. The best way to get rid of such itchy scalps is use lemon juice or aloe vera. Squeeze out a lemon & apply it in your scalp & massage it thoroughly or else apply the Aloe Vera gel in your scalp & keep it for 10-12 minutes & then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Beauty Tips For Hair

* Having dandruff ha? Well every one out of three people have the dandruff problem. The best natural solution to get rid off dandruff is Brown Sugar. Mix 2 parts of Brown Sugar with your daily conditioner & massage it in your scalp & rinse off with lukewarm water.

Beauty Tips For Hair At Home

* Avoid using any kind of artificial Hair Color, it might look beautiful or cool for a certain period of time but in long run the chemicals present in such type of hair colors deteriorate the quality of your hair & damage it. So, if you really need top color your hair then go for herbal colors like Henna, it does not ruin your hair.

Beauty Tips For Blonde Hair

* Avoid using any kind of heat like dryer. The heat damages the hair

* Avoid combing/brushing your hair immediately after shower. As the roots of the hair remain wet it leads to breakage.

I hope you liked these beauty tips for hair and you’ll be apply it to make your hair beautiful and shiny. Get more ideas here.

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