Simple Go-to Beauty Remedies You Must Remember Every Summer

Jul 12, 2017 by Hansy shah

Summer is actually the longest time of the year especially in South Asian counties. The pulsating cheers of spring are suddenly transformed into the scorching and sweltering summers. While the gay and happy atmosphere of summers is fascinating to some, it reminds the others especially the women of several beauty related worries.

Believe it or not, summer actually affects our skin, hair and more and you need a special regime to keep your mind away from the creeps. A few simple Beauty Tips For Summers will help you maintain your calm and look strikingly beautiful in the sweltering heat.

Beauty Tips And Remedies

Choose wisely

There is nothing more important in summers than keeping your skin hydrated. Drink loads of water, wash your face as many times as you can. Dry summers can take a toll on your skin. If you live in a dry and hot climatic region use cream based moisturizers. Stick to moisturizers enriched with cocoa butter, or Shea butter.

The rich and creamy formula will keep your skin from becoming super dry and will protect and offer it the strength to battle against the hot weather.

Huh that easy?

Essential Beauty Tips for skin to battle the scorching humidity or dryness in summers is to Apply Face Masks. You don’t have to spend thousands to buy face masks or packs from stores. You can simply make the face masks at home with simple everyday ingredients.

Beauty Remedies At Home For Skin

To make the ideal summer face pack mix equal portions of aloe Vera, tomato juice, sandalwood powder and yogurt. Yogurt and Aloe Vera hydrates the skin while making it supple and soft. Sandalwood powder is highly effective cleansing ingredient, and tomato helps treat sunburn. Apply the face pack once a week and witness your skin quality improves in just one season.

Beauty Remedies At Home

Wash and scrub

The difficult part of battling skin issues in summer is when you have Oily Skin. It is the most difficult skin category to handle, especially in the hot and humid summer weather. The Best Beauty Tip for oily skin is to avoid cream based moisturizers, cleansers and face wash. Exfoliate your skin twice a week, to battle the recurring acnes and pimples.

Beauty Remedies For Face

Moreover, use water based sunscreens that will be light on your skin and will not clog the pores. For the ultimate Summer Beauty Remedy use natural Aloe Vera gel. It can be store bought, or you can simply buy an Aloe Vera plant and use the raw gel from its leaves.