Look Immaculately Perfect On Your D Day With Few Simple Tips

Jul 12, 2017 by nishal shah

Wedding is most certainly one of the most auspicious events in one’s life, and the day should be nothing less than ‘perfection’. A perfect wedding day is what every bride dreams of. With all the fuss going over materializing the plans and the expectation for the fulfillment of long awaited fantasies and hopes, it can easily take a toll on your peace of mind. Being a bride is not easy when it comes to prepping for the big day.

Fact is, when you are about to become a bride all you should focus on is yourself. Everybody is going to have their eyes on you, and you certainly don’t want to look nothing short of perfection. Here are a few tips on beauty that every bride needs to follow to look flawless on their D day.

Beauty Tips For Brides

Pimple is my enemy

When it comes to prepping your skin for the wedding day, go natural and try to avoid any chemical based product. Chemically treated Skin Care Products are not only harmful in the long run, but there are 70% chances of you getting a pimple or a rash as a side effect.

You don’t want to big red acne on your face saying hello to the guests, right? The best women’s Beauty Tip for every woman out there is to use natural and Homemade Face Masks every day.

Beauty Tips For Bridal

Glow like an Egyptian beauty

If you have dull, lifeless and oily skin, massage your skin twice a week with sugar and iced yogurt. Use orange peels to make the sugar granules melt on your face and after a good 15 minuites wash your face with iced water. When you are a to-be bride and if you have dry Skin Type then you must start prepping your skin at least a good 2 months early. Papaya is packed with antioxidants and massing mild papaya on your face will enrich you skin and give it a glow. Furthermore, make a scrub using cold milk, honey, and oats.

Beauty Tips For Brides At Home

No matter how much we focus on prepping, make-up is the most important aspect of a bride’s look. If you are a to-be bride the most important Wedding Makeup Tip to focus on is the base. The base of your Makeup Look needs to be perfect, only then will you be flawless. Use light texture foundation, never skip on the primer, and try not to contour too much. Last but not the least, go easy on the highlighter, it’s your wedding day and you don’t want to look like a Christmas ball.