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Solution For Hair Fall

Hair plays a big role in reflecting women’s beauty. A bad hair day is known as a bad day among women. Hair also affects one’s self-esteem if it is dry, frizzy, and too oily or there is a problem of hair fall. History says that hair represents femininity. In history, it is seen that women folk used to chop their hair to make themselves presentable as men; during wars and fight and upon discovering they were imprisoned.

Solution For Hair Fall Naturally

Both men and women take care of their hair because it is the first thing to be seen when looking at someone’s face. The hair reflects one’s personality, mood and creates an identity. When someone decides to change their look, the first thing they do is cutting the hair. One of the major problems faced by people in the present world is hair fall. Various chemical items, such as; shampoo, oil, conditioner etc. are available in the market and also home made beauty tips, which claim to be the solution of hair fall.

Important features

Before buying any product or using home remedies one should be aware about which ingredients help to prevent hair fall. Some of the well-known ingredients are:

* Caffeine: It is mainly known for stimulating our senses but research proved it promotes hair growth. Caffeine helps in stimulating the hair follicles which leads to the growth of new hair rapidly.

Solution For Hair Fall At Home

* Biotin: Biotin is known as vitamin H and naturally presents in our body. The majority of the hair fall shampoo contains biotin, as it helps both men and women for the growth of hair and nails.

* Minoxidil: To block DHT, a factor that causes hair fall, minoxidil is added to the shampoo. This element helps to prevent shedding. Although it does not stop hair from falling out but helps to promote the hair growth.

Solution For Hair Fall Control

* Vitamin B6: This vitamin helps to keep the hormonal balance in men and women. It is known that due to hormonal imbalance, shedding of hair takes place. To address this issue, vitamin B6 is added to hair loss shampoo.

* Keratin: This ingredient is found in most of the hair fall products. Keratin is already present in our hair and adding it to shampoo can help to retain structure.

Solution For Hair Fall Home Remedy

* Vitamin E: Vitamin E is recommended to people who suffer from scalp infection. This element helps the scalp to maintain the PH level and retain moisture in the hair.

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