How To Make Lipsticks Long Lasting?

Sep 06, 2017 by nishal shah

Lipsticks can be a tricky job and to nail the perfect lips, one has to be efficient. Of course choosing the right color matters, but above all what matters is how you apply it and whether you follow the do’s and don’ts.

Trippy tricks to follow:

The first tip to follow up while applying lipstick is to apply a pre coat of a hydrating lip balm. Make sure that the lip balm is low on the oil content and is matte and hydrating to your lips. If you desire plumper lips, use a lip balm which makes your lip look fuller and plush. Following this you can even out the lip color by applying a tad bit of foundation which makes sure that the lipstick you choose to apply, pops out. This makes sure of even distribution of color and a longer stay.

Lipstick Long Lasting Tips

Make sure before applying every product that there is no presence of dead skin or particle which may hinder the application of your lipstick. Dead skin makes your lips chap and this leads to dry lips even if you have the color on. Matte lipsticks last longer but also, it tends to dehydrate the lip faster. So make sure you have a good hydrating balm to use before applying your makeup.

To make lipstick last for longer duration, purchase brands which are reputed and have good customer reviews. Doing this, ensures that even though the lipstick maybe expensive, it is worth the buy.

Lipstick Long Lasting Best

It gives a definite hydrating effect to the lips as well as lasts longer than any other brands. It’s alright to be brand conscious sometimes for the best results. Another great makeup tip one can follow to get the professional make up look is to use a brush for applying lipstick instead of direct application.

Lipsticks That Are Long Lasting

This ensures that even blend which professional makeup artists achieve in a stroke. Get hold of the best brush applicator for that even tone and blend of your favorite lip color.

Lipstick is something which highlights the best assets of a woman’s face. The trick is to know how to achieve the best results by just following a few simple makeup tips for that sexy pout.

Make A Lipstick Long Lasting

So go ahead girls, bring your sexy out and nail the red lips everyone envies. And yes, I am talking about the Vogue cover girl look. It is achievable and it will last for a solid 12 hours. Try it for yourself!