Makeup Experts Tips For Long-Lasting Wedding Makeup

May 31, 2019 by Nilesh Patel

Feeling beautiful, looking gorgeous and walking down the aisle confidently on the wedding day are the well-deserved rights of each bride.

Just like a wedding dress, a long-lasting stunning look is a key for every bride to feel the best on her special day, which not be taken lightly in any way.

wedding makeup tips

When it comes to makeup, no matter whether you are hiring a professional for your wedding makeup or you are trying to learn the tips and tricks of doing a perfect makeup by watching loads of YouTube videos, the important point is to look fabulous on your wedding day and to keep that look all day long.

To make this happen, we will recommend every bride to be familiar with the to-do list or tips for long-lasting wedding makeup by these makeup experts.

Lip liner

Michelle Bouse, founder of Beauty Boutique
She recommended to line your lips and to fill the entire lip using the same lip liner followed by applying lipstick. Always apply a second coat after patting your lips with a tissue. Also, keep in mind to avoid applying lip gloss if you want to get long-lasting makeup. It is so because lip gloss is likely to take off the lip color quicker.

Lip liner

Have patience

Tessa McCullough, Makeup Artist at G2O Spa + Salon
She advised all brides to have patience and be prepared to sit for at least 45 minutes to an hour for effective makeup application. You should never rush to your makeup and hairstyle when getting ready for your wedding, instead relax and enjoy your beauty process. For flawless wedding makeup application, your skin should be clean, exploited and hydrated. At the same time, don’t forget to wear a button-down shirt to avoid smudging your wedding makeup and hair.

Use Tissue

Marianna Hewitt, Colgate Optic White Designer Smile Squad member
Being a beauty and fashion guru, she has given several tips for long-lasting wedding makeup to the brides. One of them is that if you feel oily, you should use a tissue or a toilet paper to remove the excess oil from your skin and to blot your T-zone, rather than applying more makeup.

Use Milk of Magnesia for priming

Nicole Williams, Beauty blogger
In addition to a beauty blogger, she is also an expert makeup artist, who loves to share tips and guide regarding makeup and beauty. She suggested priming your skin with Milk of Magnesia using a cotton ball to lock your makeup for hours. No worries if you have a foundation which is not waterproof and you love it, then simply use Milk of Magnesia after moisturizing your face. The wedding makeup will stay all day long even if you sweat a lot or your skin gets extremely oily.

Milk of Magnesia for priming

Use stain for the perfect lip

Rob Harmon, Celebrity makeup artist
Being in the beauty and makeup industry from several years, He also shares his tips for long-lasting wedding makeup, which include using a stain for having perfect bridal lips. Obviously, no bride has so much time that she re-applies lipstick all day. So, it is better to choose a soft color like coral/pink in Dolce which acts as a perfect color for every bride. Just applying it followed with a sheer gloss before walking down the aisle is the great idea to set your lips for the pictures and for even all day wedding occasion.

Prep your skin before makeup application

Dina Ramon of TC Beauty Care
She always put emphasis on prepping of the skin for long-lasting makeup. It is a secret of flawless makeup because if your skin is not prepared properly for the big day, it will not hold your wedding makeup properly, which will affect the end result. You have seen many times that makeup starts melting due to sweating, dancing or any other reason, the main cause of this situation is the lack of skin preparation before applying makeup.

Prep your skin before makeup application

Always make sure that you start with washing your face, use toner or cleanser to eliminate dead skin, pollutants, and previous makeup residues. Next is to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated as it prevents your makeup to dry out your skin. As a result, it helps in blending your makeup perfect for a long-lasting effect. Also, make sure to use a primer to reduce the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Go with layering

Lori Leib, Makeup artist and Creative Director of Bodyography Cosmetics
Layering is a key for flawless makeup, one of the best tips for long-lasting wedding makeup, she advised to all brides for a wonderful look. Like, if you want a perfect look that involves eyeliner, you can go with black shadow followed by layering with a gel or liquid. It helps in giving you the look that lasts all day. A similar thing is applied to blush like you can layer a cream blush and powder blush to add dimension and texture that lasts for hours.

Color correction

Jill Glaser, Professional makeup artist
In one of her class at Makeup School, she taught learners about makeup skills. She also added that to treat any kind of redness caused as a result of harsh winters, sun damage or acne, apply color green, wherever it is necessary on your face. She also advised that brides with dark circles under the eyes in a blue or purple cast, they must use a brightening color corrector to eliminate or reduce the shadow. This should be followed by the right concealer.


No doubt you can have plenty of advice and guide from makeup experts or someone you know. But, the main point is how much you put attention to those advice or tips.

If you really want to look gorgeous throughout your big day, you must consider these tips for long-lasting wedding makeup.