5 Best Waxing Tips For Women

Sep 28, 2017 by Hansy shah

For women from around the world, certain beauty standards are set to be followed. And in order to make themselves presentable to the society, they often try to take help of the makeup and other means to look as beautiful as possible. Although some women are born with the natural beauty others are not. They use makeup or cosmetic surgery to get their desired look. Since the ancient time, women having body hair is not something very pleasant to look. It can be seen in the ancient statues that they are hairless. Even though hair waxing and hair removal cream were not found in that period, other means, such as; plucking the hair was done in order to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Waxing Tips

It is fairly known that waxing can be painful so people try the hair removal cream. But these creams are very harmful to the skin as many get an allergic reaction and make the complexion darker. Waxing is good for the skin as it exfoliates the skin, make the growth of the body hair decrease and thinner hair grows. To follow a beauty regime, women need to get rid of their body hair and get smooth and soft skin as it is still not widely accepted for women to have body hair.

Important Issues

Women from all over the world tend to wax their body from a very young age. Due to the pain waxing is very dreadful and people tend to avoid it as much as possible. When waxing is done on a regular interval the hair growth becomes thinner as the hair is pulled out of the root and it means a new hair has to grow and it will take time. After continuous waxing, some of the hair follicles do not produce any more hair and looks thinner. While waxing at home some of the waxing tips for women that can be followed for better results.

Waxing Beauty Tips

Exfoliate : This is an important step that should be done before waxing. Exfoliating the skin can help to get rid of the dead skin cell or the dead skin present in the hair follicles. It can be seen that most of the ingrown hair are present in the legs and exfoliating can help to prevent the ingrown hair. A good body scrub should be used before waxing and even after waxing every 2 to 3 days every week.

Waxing Tips And Advice

Baby powder : Even in a beauty salon powder is applied to the body before waxing. When waxing is done at home, before applying the wax baby powder should be applied to the skin. Using a baby powder will absorb the moisture present in the skin and help the waxing strip or the cloth to stick to the hair more precisely. First, baby powder should be applied to the skin and then the wax gel is to be put. After that, the strip should stick to the hair with the help of the gel and on top of the strip; another layer of baby power should be put to make the strip not too sticky.

No sweat : Waxing is tough to do in humid areas. Having sweated or moisture present in the skin makes it tough to get rid of the hair. It is often advised not to apply cream, moisturizer or deodorant on the skin for a couple of days before the wax. To get the best result for people residing in the humid area, waxing should be done in an air-conditioned room. This helps not to form any sweat and keep the body dry which makes it easier to wax.

Waxing Tips And Tricks

Getting the waxing kit ready : Before getting into the main process of waxing one should get all the necessary items required for the waxing. A proper waxing kit should contain wax or wax strips, powder of individual choice, body lotion, and body scrub, numbing cream or painkiller. If body lotion is not available then aloe vera gel can also be applied. Various skin types require different types of wax. For sensitive skin, one should opt for a wax which is clinically tested for the sensitive skin. Before applying the wax, numbing cream can be applied as it helps to confine the pain and make it bearable.

Right temperature : There are two types of wax kit available in the market; one is hot wax and the other, cold wax. Although it might be not known both the wax should be melted over the fire to make the application easy. After the wax is melted the temperature of the wax should be checked before applying. If the wax is too hot it can burn the skin and make it very painful and if the wax is cooled down completely it will again turn hard, making is tough to apply.

I hope you enjoyed these waxing tips for women and as a women, you’ll be going to follow it for easy and pain free waxing. Get more ideas for waxing from Pinterest.

If you know any easy and quick waxing tips for women, then please share them in comments below!