How to Shape Eyebrows and Some Eyebrow Waxing Tips

Eyebrows can be tricky to style as it is one of the most difficult parts of your makeup. Not only this, the shape of your brows makes a great difference in your appearance. It changes your whole look and can be shaped to make sure that they draw attention from problem areas in your face. […]

How to shape eyebrows


Best Sunscreen Gels For Different Skin Types

With more and more manufacturers marking their foray into the skin care industry, we are offered a variety of sunscreens, each having different SPF content as well as ingredient structure. Today, we are going to take a look at the best sunscreen gels, meant for different skin types, so that you can take a well-informed […]

Hair Care

Homemade Hair Care Tips For Women

Do you have broken hair? Do you want to get rid of split ends? Does your bathroom clog every time you wash your hair? Do your dull tresses always lower your spirit? Are you fed up with dandruff? Fret not. Every one of us is dealing with one or another hair problem. Our lifestyle, diet, […]

homemade tips for healthy hair


How to Apply Halo Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Do you love to try new makeup trends? If yes, you might have come across ‘Halo eye makeup’. Do you know that with every season, there comes a new makeup trend? Many of you might have seen the term ‘halo eye makeup’ and might also have gone through articles discussing […]

Skin Care

Effective Homemade Face Packs For Dry Skin – You must try

People with oily skin can be seen cursing their skin type, on the other side, those with dry skin are also concerned about the flaky and dry patches on their face. Such type of skin is so stubborn that even after applying moisturizer you may face the same situation. So, to overcome such issue, you […]