Makeup For Dark Indian Skin Tone – How To Apply?

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to find the right makeup for dark Indian skin as the makeup industry caters to the small percentage of Indian women having lighter skin. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is unique. If we talk about brown skin, there is a lot of variety in the shades. When it comes to […]


Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin – How To Choose Right Colour For Dark Tone?

Gone are the days when women with dark skin had to compromise in everything, even when it came to makeup. But nowadays, they have plenty of options and are considered no less than glamorous, sexy, and beautiful women. Just like other skin types, dark skin women also need a flawless touch-up to bring out their […]

Hair Care

Hairstyles For Older Women – Best Haircuts To Look Younger

No matter your age, it can be a little hard to find a flattering style that suits your natural hair texture and daily hair habits. If you have natural thinning grays, this task becomes a little more difficult. When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyles for older women, many of you may get confused […]

Hairstyle for older women


Makeup For Red Dress – Ideas & Tips For Stunning Looks

Red is a powerful color that is considered bold, vibrant, and more noticeable. What do you do for your makeup when you have lots of upcoming occasions on the calendar? We can’t ignore the fact that many women plan for their looks for months to come. What do you do when you want to pair […]

Makeup for Red Dress

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Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girl – Effective & Simple!

Teenage is a time when you have to balance your studies and social life. It is a rollercoaster ride with freedom, dates, career, and flowing hormones. Isn’t it there is too much to handle at this tender age? How can you forget skincare? It is another problem that most teenage girls have to face. When […]