Resort To Simple And Effective Natural Beauty Remedies

Jul 17, 2017 by nishal shah

Let’s just say, our need for Beautiful Skin, lustrous hair, a decent build up is all part of the human nature. Be it men or women, we all want to look good, form good impressions, and be appreciated once in a while for our looks. There is nothing wrong with it. When we watch celebrities walking down the runway, or rocking the red carpet we look up to them as inspirations.

Fact is that they don’t get that for free. Whereas some celebrities are genetically blessed, most others are monetarily blessed. They spend thousands and millions on hiring the best designers, makeup artists and so on. We on the other hand (most of us) don’t have that kind of fiscal power. The most profitable Beauty Tip is to stick to Natural Beauty Remedies.

Natural Beauty Tips And Tricks

Dump the boring magazines

Why spend money on cosmetics when you can get better results with simple natural ingredients? Often people skip through magazine pages for beauty advice only to come across an advertisement for a face mask or a skin product.

For most people it is a usual reaction to buy it and try it, without knowing what the results are really going to be like. In sharp contrast, it makes better sense to apply time tested Home Remedies with natural ingredients that has been proven through the ages. Try something like a simple Aloe Vera gel or orange peel facial and you would be surprised how amazingly effective the results are. Often, these home remedies not only work extremely well while costing just a fraction of what an advertised product might cost.

Natural Beauty Remedies At Home

Say hello! to shiny hair

Our want does not end with smooth and supple skin; it extends to the need for beautiful, shining, lustrous locks. Fact is, it is easier to treat damaged skin than lifeless and damaged hair. Our hair needs a lot more attention and the top Beauty Tip for hair would be to shampoo and condition at least thrice a week. Instead of spending thousands on buying new hair masks and products, go natural. If you are anywhere from South Asia you would be well aware of the benefits of hot oil treatment.

Natural Beauty Remedies For Skin

There’s nothing more effective than massaging your scalp with pure oil (coconut, olive, sesazme) every time before you shampoo. Believe me; it is more effective than the hair spa you get done every month. Make a Homemade Hair Mask by mixing 1 egg, 2 tsp yogurt, and 1 tsp hair oil, apply it twice every month and witness the change.