Make Your Small Eyes Look More Attractive And Bigger

Dal Uplana

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How To Apply Eyeshadow

Bigger and brighter eyes always reflect a healthy and youthful look. But, we all do not possess such eyes since our birth. Eye shape and size of every individual may vary, and it also creates a significant difference in our look. However, when you are feeling jealous of women with oversized eyes, we have good news for you. By Applying Eye Makeup in the most strategic way, you may enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your small eyes will surely take the shape of bigger balls.

Pamper your brows

Thicker and Bolder Eyebrows always draw our attention. Following your natural eye shape, you may adjust your brow. Maximization of the space may generate an impression of larger eyes.

Applying Eye Makeup For A Natural Look

Let your liner be little extended

There are Simple Eyeliner Tips for you to enlarge the appearance of your eyes. Extend your liner up to the outer point of the eyes’ corner. A slight upward facing line may mimic the look longer eyelash. For wider eyes, this process is best for you. However, if you can’t apply the liner symmetrically, then it may make the appearance much unbalanced. Thus, while you haven’t enough efficiency, you may depend on some expert.

Control the puffiness of skin near eyes

If the skin, adjacent to eyes becomes swollen, it can make both eyes appear smaller. To apply one of the best Easy Makeup Tricks, you need to have enough sleep and reduce the daily intake of salt. You may also get wonderful result by placing teabags on the eyes.

Choose some light color or neutral eyeshadows

Light shades are best, if you like to reveal any part more prominently. However, the darker ones may let you drive back another part of your eyes. For the mid portion, lighter eyeshadows are most preferable option. But, you need to know the right technique for Applying Eyeshadows to get the desired results.

Remove dark spots of eyes

With concealer, you may try to fade away these black spots. The right choice of colors can help you in hiding your blemishes. A creamy or light colored concealer may lead to the most expected result.

So, try out these Great Makeup Tips, whenever you are going to attend a party. Your bigger eyes will surely allure everyone. You won’t need to be concerned if your original eyes are much small in size.