5 Indian Home Beauty Tips The World Should Know

Jun 10, 2017 by nishal shah

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that India is home to one of the largest Skin Care Beauty Tips. Why? Because Ayurveda, the ancient study of how to use herbs for medicinal purposes first originated in this country.

Check out these 5 Indian home beauty tips and be mesmerized by what your kitchen ingredients can do:

1. Amla for beautiful hair

Given our hectic schedules and perennial stress, it is but natural to have dry, rough hair. Are you someone who has been feeling bogged down due to their thinning hair?

Indian Home Remedies Beauty Tips

It is time you head to the supermarket and buy amla because it is the magic ingredient which could bright shine and strength to your hair. Cut up the amla into small pieces and keep them in coconut oil for 6 months. Strain the amla and use the coconut oil to massage your hair 30 minutes before you go to the shower.


2. Fuller’s earth to the rescue

If you have tried everything to get rid of your acne and nothing seems to work, bring out the jar of Fuller’s earth and the rest would follow. To make a Face Pack, mix a teaspoon of fuller’s earth, turmeric and glycerine and apply it to your face. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Indian Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips

3. Get rid of your blemishes with honey

With the summer knocking at your door, you might want to bookmark this Skin Tip for future reference. Whenever you feel that your skin is getting too tanned or that your blemishes are increasing in number, pour a tablespoon of curd, honey and lemon juice into a bowl and whisk them together to form a Face Mask like consistency. Apply on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

4. Grow your Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most underrated of all plants which have beauty benefits. Don’t get so mesmerized by the smell of lavender that you forget aloe vera can replace your expensive night cream or even the soothing gels.

Indian Herbal Homemade Beauty Tips

5. Exfoliate with Papaya

You will never invest in a commercial face scrub again once you try the combination of papaya and sandalwood powder to exfoliate your skin.

Try these out and you will know that it doesn’t get better than these Indian home beauty tips when it comes to skincare tips for women.

If you know any indian home beauty tips, then share them in comments!