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They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we women are complicated creatures, insatiable and never satisfied- unless we look into the mirror and can be ecstatic about the reflection staring back, something does not quite feel right no matter who says what! And this is why you have to keep in mind these Beauty Tips if you want to remain and retain your Beauty:

1. Water: let’s just get the biggest cliché out first! Yes, water is your best friend no matter what the reason. Your skin needs hydration; your system needs hydration.

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And water hydrates you by flushing out your toxins and keeping a clean system through and through. So, ladies, chug that H2O and at least three litres of it.

2. Sleep: another cliché! But cannot be emphasized enough! When you sleep, your cells regenerate and repair giving you enough time to maintain the elasticity and radiance of your skin which is of paramount importance to say the least! In our modern lifestyle, it becomes copious to manage and wiggle in eight hours of sleep, but those who follow the pattern know how miraculous it is.


3. Exercise: as boring as it might sound, nothing clears out the skin as sweat! When you work out, you sweat which flushes out the toxins of the body, keeping your hormones in check and giving you the radiance you seek for in salons!

4. And if you are looking for something that has miraculous properties, you could drink organic apple cider vinegar mixed with half a glass of cold water and half hot water. Add a dash of honey! This helps with clearing up the school, keeping digestion and the entire system in check!

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5. The Best Beauty Tip anyone could possibly give you is if you are someone who likes wearing makeup, then make sure that before you go to bed each night, even if you think you have endured the apocalypse, take your makeup off. Take off all the gunk off your face sweetheart because the breakups that is going to take over your face otherwise, would just not be worth it!

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6. Happiness: another cliché, but a golden truth. There is nothing in this world which is more beautiful than a happy and smiling face. When you are lit up from within, the radiance exudes outside. So when you have inner peace, the happiness transforms into #Beauty and shines outwardly.