Work Your Magic On Your Guy With Best Beauty Looks For Date Night!

Nov 09, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

When you are planning for a date, you absolutely need to look your best. After all it is a special outing with your special guy! However, dressing up for a date can be pretty tricky. With all the adrenaline rush going on, you are very likely to make all the wrong choices. But who doesn’t? This is why, this is your guide to look perfect and charm your prince charming on your date.

Best Beauty Looks Of All Time

To start with, you must always remember that it is neither a regular college day nor a party for which you are dressing up. You have to strike a balance between too little and too much. You must wear something in which you are comfortable and look great. You cannot only concentrate on your looks and let go of your comfort just to impress your guy because in that way you are never really going to meet your goal of charming your special one.

So, while keeping all these important thingsin mind (which of course gets too difficult when you are in love), let us start guiding you towards your perfect date night look.

* The red diva: This has been the classic date look for ages now and trust me, this look, like white shirt and blue jeans never gets old (do not make the mistake of trying out the second look on your formal date night!). If you are planning to put on an elegant red flowing dress or a little red dress and pairing it up with stilettos, then definitely go for red lipsticks. If your dress is too simple, you might concentrate on putting on makeup that is a bit heavy but again, not too much! Add kohl to your eyes and mascara. Apply blusher of a light shade of pink, make sure it does not make your cheeks look too red. There you go girl, all ready to slay in red!

Best Beauty Looks 2017

* Smokey hot: Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about nothing but the smoky eyes. If you are wearing a little black dress, then you have no question of skipping this look. You can either keep your lids light or darken up the areas around your lids or you can put a darker shade on the lid itself.

Once you have planned on getting this look for your special date, it is highly suggested to do the eye makeup before anything else because it is very likely that the eye makeup will fall off and create a mess on the rest of your face which will definitely need a cleanup! Go for nude lips with a light shade of lip gloss to amplify the bold and sexy look.

Best Beauty Looks

* Blink Blink! This is the flirtiest look that you can get by putting on the least possible amount of effort. Keep your face and lips absolutely simple by adding just the base on your face, a pale pink blusher on your cheeks and a light shade of lip gloss. All you need to do is add a false pair of fluffy lashes. Apply mascara on the eyelashes of the lower lid and you are all set to go. This look will definitely leave him awestruck because you will look simple but with a very high oomph factor! However, it is best to try out this look when your dress is a gorgeous one.

* The lit scene: Are you going on a candlelight dinner? Well, you really do not need the glow from the candles to get you lit. Your makeup will do that for you! With the highlighter in your hand, you can be lit all night long! Add a light shade of eye shadow towards the outer corners of your eyes and add silver eye shadow along the tear ducts. Apply mascara and do a little sculpting under your cheek bones. Now let the highlighter cast its spell on the bridge of your nose and on the top of your cheek bones.

Best Makeup Looks Ever

* The golden caramel girl: This look is suited to those who have a warm complexion. This makeup look is done with only shades of caramel, toffee and golden. Needless to say, it is the ultimate sexy look! Put on shimmery shadow on your eye lids of hues of golden. Apply a thick line of black eye liner. Make sure you cover the areas along the water lines as well. Apply voluminous mascara to make your eyes look even more attractive. For your cheeks, dust a hue of golden and bronze. Choose a lip gloss that is devoid of glitters and shimmers from the family of golden, bronze or caramel to complete the look.