Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Mar 21, 2019 by Herry Chaudhari

If you are a bride who is on the lookout for options for styling her Rapunzel-like tresses, then you have come to the right place. Today we shall take you through five bridal styles for long hair which can make you stand out with your alluring charisma.

Waterfall Braid

Just as the name suggests, these wedding hairstyles for long hair can serve as the perfect choice for brides who wish to radiate a charming aura. You can tie a braid from both sides and secure it in the middle. The rest of your hair has to be left open for getting the waterfall hairdo.

You can display an array of characters with the braided wedding hair depending on sultry, romantic, reserved and even playful. Waterfall braids look exceptionally charming when paired up with a traditional flowing gown or plenty of woven flowers and lacework.

waterfall braid wedding hair

Twisted & Curled Half Up-Half Down

When it gets difficult to take your pick in between a clean and tight updo and letting your tresses down, you can seek out the help of this timeless classic. This unique bridal style for long hair can show off a substantial part of your silhouette while allowing your tresses to flow.

Such attributes make this style an ideal pick for brides who wish to stand out of the crowd with a bohemian flair. Herein you will have to lay special emphasis on your hairpiece like the tiara. You can also elaborate a simple wedding gown with this unique hairstyle.

Curly twists never fail to add a romantic flair to all forms of hairstyle and the story also remains the same with this gorgeous hairdo which can be achieved by alternating sections of your hair and securing them in one place using hair pins. Brides having straight hair can opt for a curling wand and run it though her tresses before proceeding with this hairstyle.

Twisted & Curled Half Up-Half Down

Ladies with naturally curly hair are advised to apply some curl defining cream before proceeding with this hairstyle. This look can be finished with a decent amount of hairspray which can set the half updo in place as you go through the whole day’s events.

Soft Waves & Beautiful Curls

If your wedding gown is overtly gorgeous having intricate details and textures, then it is best to pair it up with 50’s style waves. This hairstyle can add loads of volume to your tresses without coming off as too over the top. The soft and flowing waves can create the illusion of just being woken up from a sleep.

The sheer simplicity of this wedding hairstyle for long hair makes it the perfect choice for being sported both by the bride and her bridesmaids. You can easily team it up with clasps or tiaras for balancing the utter simplicity of this hairstyle. It is also possible to make your hair seem billowing and full by investing some time into curling.

Soft Waves & Beautiful Curls

Fishtail French Braid Side Bun

This romantic bridal hairstyle for long hair can be matched with both vintage or contemporary accessories in accordance with your wedding theme and gown style. However, it is best to accessorize it with a shimmering tiara or jewelled barrette.

This hairstyle look best when paired up with long flowing fabrics. Lifted hair tends to expose your ears, neck and shoulders. This is why you need to put in some extra effort while choosing your necklace and earrings.

These wedding hairstyles for long hair look best in outdoor weddings where the environment feels very casual chic. For trying it out, you will first be required to make a French fishtail braid by picking hair strands from the heavy side. This process shall have to be continued until you reach the spot behind your ear wherein you will have to gather together all the hair and secure it with an elastic.

Fishtail French Braid Side Bun

In the final step, you will be required to twist the ponytail and roll it around the base for creating a side bun which can be secured to its place using bobby pins.

High Ponytail

This bridal style for long hair serves as one of the most acclaimed wedding day hairdos provided you do it right. Although ponytail might initially seem pretty lame to sport on such an important day of your life, you can make your mark felt by giving it a flirty boost with loose curls at the end.

The main aim here lies in selecting a strategic strand and allowing it to fall loose on your back for a soft and feminine look. Modern day gowns look beautiful when worn with these wavy ponytails. You can even take a cue from the look book of top designers by combining a slicked-back front rendering a traditional yet elegant charm with a juxtaposed ponytail adding to your volume.

high ponytail wedding hair

Brides should however steer clear pf this look if they wish to keep things strictly traditional. This is not your “going to the gym” ponytail and requires proper time and effort for that ultimate glammed up look. As the shiny tresses fall on a bride’s shoulder, it enhances the delicate details of her dress material.

This style suits younger brides as well as the ones seeking out a youthful look. You can easily team up this fresh and vibrant look with almost all forms of veil style. Be it a seamless grown tapering into a textured flowing bottom or a form-fitting one, you are bound to look equally gorgeous in this bridal hairstyle for long hair.

You can also take your pick between an intricate knot or weave. A stylish clip or pin can also be used for holding your locks in place. Accessories also serve as a welcome addition in these wedding hairstyles for long hair as they help in dressing up the overall look.


Every bride wants to look like an absolute diva on her wedding day and the way in which she does her hair has a big role to play in determining her ultimate look. You also need to understand that all the wedding hairstyles for long hair listed above might not look equally flattering on your face or with your ultimate look. This is why it is advisable to try out your entire wedding day look during the fittings session.

You can also explain why you love a particular look to your stylist so that he gains a clear idea of the spirit you are after. This is bound to assist him in coming up with marvellous creations which is tailor made to suit and flatter your personality.