Update Your Winter Style With Makeup Trends For Winter

Nov 09, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

The tips and tricks of makeup vary greatly with every changing season. It is nearly impossible to pull off a makeup look when you are not comfortable while wearing it and this clearly implies why your look and makeup must change from one season to another. Moreover, there are many whose skins get dry in winter, so accordingly the makeup needs to be done. Winter means heavy woolens, jackets, pullovers, boots and everything that keeps you warm. The makeup look has a great and important role to play when the style of outfits changes during winter.

So, if you are almost done with your winter shopping and all set to welcome winter with your arms wide open, just brush up your makeup guide book to look the best with these winter makeup tips. Don’t missed these winter makeup tips as winter is near and you want to look beautiful through out the season.

Makeup For Winter

Juicy red:

Winter is undoubtedly a season when red and black are the rulers. No one will deny that most of the winter clothes in our wardrobes are shades of red and black. When this is the scenario, how can the red lips not be in trend in this season? Well, red juicy lips are the ultimate makeup hack you need to look great this winter. You may or may not concentrate much on your eye makeup, just a bit of mascara will do, but do not forget to try out the juicy red lips this winter. Choose a dark shade of red, anyone you love. Needless to say, you need to avoid matte for this look. Apply lip gloss of a similar shade on your lips. Let the edges of your lips be left soft and subtle and you are all set to slay! You’ll find this

The silver lining:

When it is winter, you can comfortably put on makeup without worrying about your makeup getting ruined due to intense sweating. If you are wearing white clothes, this look is just the perfect for you. Put on shimmery silver eyeshadows on your eye lids. Put on a false pair of upper eyelashes. Make your cheekbones look prominent with the use of highlighters. Keep your lips nude with a pale pink matte shade. You are bound to steal the winter show!

Makeup For A Winter

Brow game on point!

No matter which season it is and no matter how much you ignore this part of your face, you should know that only getting your eyebrows plucked will never make you look outstanding. Especially during winter, you need to pay extra attention to your brows if you are thinking about putting on some really loud makeup. Use a graphic liner to line along the brow bones to make them look prominent. Make sure that the eyebrow pencil that you choose goes well with your complexion and shade of your hair. When you are done with this, just put on some voluminous mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes and wear a matte red lipstick. Trust me, no makeup look will ever make you look as classy as this one!

Makeup For Winter Skin Tone

Smudge it out:

Winter is the season of kohl because there is no unnecessary smudging due to excessive sweating. But are we ever satisfied with the present scenario? No! So when you wear kohl in winter, just smudge it out on your own. Apply dark lines of kohl on upper and lower eyelids. Smudge the lines gently so that only the edges of the line are not made to remain prominent. Apply a transparent shiny eyeshadow to add to the drama. Add a layer of caramel or toffee shaded gloss on your lips to complete the look.

Makeup For Winter Season

The lit makeup trend:

When it is winter and your skin gets dry so frequently, you absolutely need to pull off a makeup look that makes you stand out of the dry skinned crowd! Try out the luminous look using winter makeup. After putting on primer and foundation, choose a luminizer that suits your complexion. This is however an extremely professional makeup style and try it out at home once or twice to make sure you can nail it on your going out day. When your skin is that lit, all you need to do is put on a thick line of eyeliner. Go for a dark brown mascara to complete the look.

I hope you loved these winter makeup tips and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to have a attractive eyebrows.  Get more ideas here.

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