Top 9 Beauty Items You Need In Your Drawer At Work

Mar 19, 2018 by Dal Uplana

When you join a workplace, there will be unprecedented plans and impromptu parties that you may have to or want to attend. It can be a difficult/impossible task to go home and get ready every time you need to go out with your colleagues to have fun. In fact, even for mid-day touch-ups after lunches or before important meetings, it is absolutely necessary to have some beauty items at hand at all times, especially at the workplace. Some of the beauty items you absolutely need to keep in your office drawer have been listed below-

How To Do A Office Makeup

A good foundation and concealer duo

A foundation that has good coverage can not only help your skin look nice and even, but also can help to cover up and conceal any type of imperfection or marks that may be on your skin and can help to ensure you stay looking flawless no matter what time of the day it is. Some of the markers for the types of foundations to go for are something that is full coverage with a natural finish to ensure that the foundation does not look caked on. Oil-free foundations can also ensure that you don’t get shiny or oily by the end of the day.

A powder foundation or a pressed powder

This is one of the best beauty items that you can keep in your drawer at your office. A powder foundation is lighter on the skin than a normal liquid foundation and is easier to use. It does provide a little bit of coverage, just enough to even out the complexion and prevent you from looking dull; however, it is not so much coverage so as to look like you have a hundred layers of makeup on. It can also help to mattify the skin, which is always something that people need when they have long wear times of products and can be amplified for people with oily skin.

How To Do Office Makeup At Home

Blotting sheets

These are another excellent beauty items to have on hand for oily skin tones and can help to reduce the shine from the face and prevent it from looking greasy and shiny. Blotting sheets can help keep your makeup in place for longer and can ensure it stays looking freshly applied throughout the day.

Office Makeup For Beginners

A good quality lip balm

There is nothing more annoying than a dried lip. It feels bad and if left alone long enough can start bleeding and be quite painful. Rather than looking around and asking everyone for their chapstick, keep a spare one in the office desk.

Office Casual Makeup

A bottle of hand cream

This may sound like an odd item to put in your office locker but is definitely one that you will be thankful for. Hand creams can add moisture back into your arms and help them feel softer, especially if they feel rough or dry. Not only do they moisturize the hands, but they can help rejuvenate your mind and mood due to the beautiful smell that most hand creams are fragranced with.

Office Makeup Step By Step

Your favorite lipstick

All of us have that one lipstick that never fails us. Whether it is red, nude, or pink, keep a tube of your favorite lipstick in your office drawer for a quick touch up or if you need to re-apply your lipstick after a meal.

A bottle of dry shampoo

Keep a bottle of dry shampoo at hand in your office desk at all times. Not only can it help save you from a bad hair day and fix oily, limp hair by absorbing all the oils from the scalp, but also ensure that your hair looks and smells amazing at all times. Just ensure that the dry shampoo does not leave a white cast behind when brushed out.

Office Makeup Look

Nail polish remover pads

There is nothing worse than a peeling manicure. They can ruin your look and make you look unkempt and unpolished. Keeping a good nail polish remover pad handy at the office can ensure that the nails look beautiful. (Pro-tip, keep a gel nail polish and a LED lamp that can cure the nail polish and harden it at just a few seconds’ time and make your nails look professionally done.)

Office Makeup Ideas

A bottle of deodorant

After a long day at work, knowing you smell good can not only make you feel better, but also can help provide you with mood uplifting benefits.