Tips You Can Use To Avoid Your Mascara From Becoming Clumpy Or Flaky

Aug 27, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

A woman undoubtedly has a lot of Makeup Tools at her disposal but none of them are as important as the mascara. The mascara forms the base of the Natural Eye Makeup, but unfortunately, some of the cosmetic brands produce mascara that gets clumpy or flaky easily. So here we are with some tips that would help you preserve your mascara for a long time:

1. Don’t trust old mascara

The mascara which doesn’t have a new wet or glossy texture is mascara that you just can’t trust. If you keep on using old mascara, you will inevitably end up with flaky and clumpy eyelids.

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2. Start fresh every time

Beauticians always advise young girls to clean their makeup wand with a cotton ball dipped in Makeup Remover before applying it. You would think that it is wastage of Good Mascara but the dried bits on the tips, if not cleaned regularly can spoil the whole tube eventually.

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3. Be patient in between several coats

All of us like to Apply Mascara several times just to ensure that we get fuller eyelashes. However, you have to be patient before applying a second coat or else your Smokey Eye Makeup will not be successful.

4. Make sure your lashes are dry before applying mascara

The fact that your lashes are still wet when you start doing your Eye Makeup is a major warning sign. Since your eyelashes are not dry enough to be separate from each other, applying mascara would just be a disaster. Dry eyelashes are the secret behind mascara setting down properly.

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5.Swirl don’t pump

Every time you pump the wand in and out of the mascara tube, you end up trapping air. While your wand is in the tube, try to move it in circular motions and it will work too. Moreover, tightly screw in the mascara after you have used it so that no air enters to dry it up.

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6. Salvage your Mascara before it’s too late

Don’t throw away your mascara tube just because it has become clumpy or flaky. You can reduce the damage somewhat by adding a few drops of almond oil or jojoba oil to the tube and mixing it properly or by soaking the tube in boiling water for a while.

Once you have mastered the above tips, you will always have a perfect eye makeup.

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