Summer Makeup Tips For Staying Gorgeous In The Scorching Weather

Aug 16, 2018 by Nilesh Patel

Coupled with the rising Celsius, chances of our makeup melting away, eyeliner getting smeared or lipstick feeling super-sticky accentuates causing us to look haggard even when we step out of the house in the morning. Thus, even if you have a cute wardrobe to flaunt those toned abs and sexy waistline, your makeup might just give it all away. Keeping such things in mind, we have come with an expert prescribed list of summer makeup tips to ensure that you keep on looking pretty and fresh even when the weather is not actually in your favour.

Your skin needs to be in its best possible condition for the makeup to yield best results. Makeup might fall off if your skin is layered with hair follicles and dead skin cells which makes it imperative to proceed with dermaplaning where a sharp and flat utensil is used for scraping away excess dead skin cells and making your facial skin feel baby soft.

Summer Makeup Tips For Combination Skin

Once you are done with the exfoliation, you need to moisturize your skin immediately for replenishing its natural oils. You can start your day with an oil-free moisturizer and an oil-free foundation. You can try out a tinted moisturizer for bringing along adequate protection while imparting a subtle color to your face.

Summer makeup tips prescribed by professionals impart special importance to the application of primer after dabbing on some moisturizer and before proceeding with the face makeup part. Primers can be extremely crucial if you wish to hold on the makeup in place without feeling loaded with an additional and heavy layer on the top of your face.

Best Summer Makeup Tips

Bronzers can have a crucial role to play in adding a layer of warmth to your skin and making your eyes look bigger and brighter. While lining out summer makeup tips, experts prescribe applying the same on the high junctures of your face which naturally gets hit by the sunlight such as cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of covering your entire face as that might impart a fake look. It is extremely easy to apply powder bronzers but make sure to opt for the ones having varying shades so that you can blend the same together for benefitting out of authentic-looking results. Some bronzer can even be swept onto your earlobes and neck especially if you are sporting a ponytail or have short hair.

Hot Summer Makeup Tips

When it comes to summer makeup, less is always more as in that way you can prevent your makeup from caking or creasing. Makeup has a tendency of moving around when the Celsius rises. Thus, it is always advisable to keep it to the minimum possible level.

Don’t we all wish to have a dewy glow radiating from our face every time we step out! But there lies a thin line of difference in between going overboard with the lustre and a healthy shimmer. Experts of summer makeup tips suggest avoiding cream foundation or anything of similar stature which is too luminous as the humidity might cause your skin to become sweaty-looking if you have got too much sparkle on.

Deep and rich colors might make you look extremely heavy during the summer months making it imperative to lighten up the same by switching over to sheer versions of your eye and lip colors. A lip liner pre-application can impart an extra definition to your look if you opt for a nude shade or try out the “invisible” lip liner for keeping a carefree feeling. In this way, you can also keep your lip color from bleeding as a waxy and clear film gets deposited on your lip line. It is also impossible to go overboard with sheer hues which tag along a subtle feel to your whole look.

You need to avoid using eye cream if you wish to enhance the longevity of your eye-shadow. A smooth eye primer on the other hand can act as a potent base for your eye shadow by minimizing crease and clinging on to it for lasting longer. Layering some powder over the cream can impart an all-day wearability to your eye makeup. You can apply your regular cream or pencil liner and then press dark shadow over the same by using a small angled brush for adding to its longevity.

Summer Time Makeup Tips

Summer makeup tips suggest discarding of powder blush and opting for a blush stain or gel brush followed by a blend of cream blush on top of the same. You can dust some invisible setting powder overtop for increasing its longevity. Your main aim here should be to lock your look rather than mattifying the same.

 Hot Summer Days

Summer is the perfect time to opt for vibrant and bolder hues which can be in sync with your revamped wardrobe which represents a riot of hues. Livelier colors can bring along a summery look and brighten up your face by tagging along a youthful glow. However, even if you are partial towards neutral shades, you can experiment with different colors on just one area of your face. Dabbing some bewildering blush on the apples of the cheek can serve as a good starting point.

 Makeup Tips And Tricks

Blotting papers can prove to be extremely helpful if you wish to eliminate the unsightly shine of your T-zone in a matter of just a few seconds. They also serve as cheap and easy to use options which can also help in perking up your makeup by primarily blotting and then following it up using some pressed powder having a dash of luminescence. This serves as one of the most crucial summer makeup tips for looking gorgeous while eliminating shine during the sultry summer months.

Natural Tips

Try out satin lipsticks during the summer months by tossing aside the heavy matte ones. The long-lasting formulas of satin lip hues offer sheer coverage which adds to its versatility as you get to build up the look layer by layer. Stains are also absolutely lovely as you can cater to your moisture requirement by adding a lip balm and without having to worry about the color spreading all across. You can nail the summer goddess look by trying out peach or pink shades or unleash your daring personality by opting for grape or tangerine shades.

 Makeup Looks

Not everyone is an expert in makeup tactics. And when it comes to seasonal tips, the whole deal gets a lot trickier. But we have got you covered with the right summer makeup tips which will hold up your beauty and elegance without smudging or melting away with the rising mercury.