Reasons That Kajal Is A Must For Your Eye Makeup

Aug 27, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

Girls from the Indian origin have always sworn by the beauty benefits of organic, homemade kajal. It is only now that the world is coming to realize the potential of the beauty product in transforming the way we look at Eye Makeup in general, and Smokey Eye Makeup in particular.

There is a reason why Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes has always included kajal. Here we are going to share some reasons why kajal is a must for the Best Eye Makeup:

1. Make your eyelashes look fuller without using mascara

How To Make Smoky Eyes

You might not know this, but the organic kajal is manufactured by using the vitamin E rich castor oil. Therefore, whenever you apply kajal to your upper and lower eyelids, not only does it make your lashes look thicker but also relieves your eyes of tiredness.

2. Kajal is flexibility at its best

All the beauty products that you have in your makeup drawer serve only one particular purpose but kajal has always taken a departure from the general thumb rule. The versatile Eye Makeup Product can be used in practically every step of your Eye Makeup if you set your mind to it. You can either use it as eyeliner or smudge it for a creamy Eye Shadow Look.

How To Do A Smokey Eye For Brown Eyes

3. Banishes dark circles from your life

Kajal expertly traps the salt residue from the salt and makeup residue from your eyelids so that theunder-eye region always looks fresh.

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4. Cools your eyes

Did you know that kajal could boost your eye health so that problems in your eyesight don’t manifest at a young age? Camphor, one of the principal elements of the ingredient list of kajal helps in cooling down your eyes whenever they feel under stress. No matter how smudged the rest of your makeup gets, the boldness of the kajal would stay intact all day long.

Smokey Eye Makeup

5. Beats your eye infections

Kajal is a famous purifier that is known for its anti-bacterial properties. So, you can depend on kajal not only to glam up your eyes but also to prevent infections from developing as it will always relax your eye muscles and strengthen the eye lens against harmful external pollutants.

Smokey Eye Step By Step

The choices are practically limitless when thinking of incorporating kajal into different eye makeup styles. Buy yourself one now and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!