Must Known Wedding Day Makeup Tips!

Nov 26, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

If you have dreamy about your wedding plans and haven’t thought about your Wedding Look Book then probably its already late! Weddings are almost synonymous to deciding the perfect look for the big day which includes not just the right wedding gowns, different couture’s but also a perfect makeup choice to embrace the beauty you behold. While a good gown can definitely highlight your curves, and make you present yourself better as a bride, the makeup is actually the magical touch which shall add shine to your smile and sparkle to your eyes. And so, if you haven’t known tips about makeup for wedding day – Take it from us DON’T GET MARRIED!

1. Waterproof Mascara all the way!

If there is one thing which NEEDS to be there with you during your wedding other than your partner – It’s got to be waterproof mascara!

A Bridal Makeup

All the rituals and happiness around is going to definitely let you teary eyed and you don’t want to spoil your look on your favorite day! So, dash up those lashes with waterproof mascara and leave worry behind. If you are not a fan of waterproof mascara then use your regular mascara and just give the top coating with a waterproof one – Trust us you need it!

2. Get a spa treatment done!

Nothing calms the wedding nervousness like a good spa session. Therefore, on the wedding day or the night before don’t forget to treat yourself with a body spa, or a hair spa or even a face massage. This shall let you relax while also giving you a glow which is unmatchable. A spa right before the wedding is a must!

3. Style your hair beforehand!

Using the burners, curlers, dryers on your hair for the wedding hair style is unavoidable but saving your dress from these is a pre-emptive measure. Make sure you use these much before wearing the dress and get done with it as soon as possible!

4. Don’t experiment with makeup!

When it comes to makeup for wedding day, you must have a master-plan which involves trying the look once or twice before the wedding day. This will not cause any tension or chaos on the day while also letting you feel very comfortable. Use the makeup products which suit your skin and don’t react to your eyes. It is best to invest in makeup brands which give flawless finish to your skin without any reactions. When it comes to makeup for wedding day, you should know your makeup products, the makeup style and look you want in advance!

How To Do A Wedding Makeup

5. Zip zap on the D-Day!

Any potential breakouts on the face or blemishes on your skin should be left to stay alone! Even if there are a lot of pimples on your face right before the wedding make sure that you keep your fingers away from them. Let them heal on their own as it would then happen faster and better!

6. Lipstick tricks for you!

Choose bright lipsticks for your big day! Colors like nudes, browns and pale pinks will only dull down your look and take away that shine from your face. As your wedding gown needs to look extravagant and your smile should dazzle on the day you should invest in light bright colors which gives your skin a lift. Even if you mix up a few lipsticks and create a shade to light up your smile always carry a bright pink or rose lipstick for touch ups.

7. Blend the makeup well!

Cameras shall be focused on you and mind you they capture the makeup lines too! Use good makeup brushes and blend all of your makeup together to get a flawless finish even around your eyes. You don’t want to look older in your pictures.

Wedding Makeup Looks

8. Use the pop-up highlighter

Highlighter is a must to mark your features and flaunt on your d-day! Use them on your brow bones, top of the nose, chin and of course on the cheeks to add a revering glow to your skin. Highlighters would make you a highlight on the day!

9. Protect your skin

If you have a day wedding chances are you will be exposed to sun more than you think! Make sure you apply a sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher to save your skin from looking dull or pale.

Wedding Makeup Tips

10. Blush out!

Regardless of your blushing all day for your wedding, use a rosy pink blusher to highlight the blushes and add a soft hue of pink on your skin. This will amp up your smile and make you look fab!

Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Make sure you are on with your makeup tips for your wedding day – you shall need them on your D-Day!

I hope you loved above tips of makeup for wedding day and you’ll share with your friends or others who’s marriage going to happen soon.  Get more ideas here.

Do you have any plan about your makeup for wedding day? Please share them in the comments below.