Make Your Makeup Last Longer With These Legitimate Tips!

Sep 20, 2017 by Hansy shah

If you love makeup, then you know the struggles we all face getting it to remain flawless throughout the day. If you live in a warm climate, or are experiencing summer in your area, this can be an even bigger problem since the heat and humidity can make the makeup melt, move around and smudge and go everywhere. Moreover, if you have a long day of wearing makeup, sometimes the makeup can look all crumbly and weird after a couple of hours. If you are looking for a way to make your makeup last and look flawless and freshly applied throughout the day, here are a few ways by which you can do so-

Makeup Tips And TutorialsPrimer

Tips to make your makeup last

– This is the starting step for your makeup routine and the most important. A primer creates a smooth base for your makeup to sit on. It acts as a barrier between your face and the layers of makeup you apply, so it is very necessary that you opt for a good primer that can help tackle your specific skin type and issues. Primers are customized to tackle different problem areas and skin issues that you may have and can be mixed and matched for your problem areas.

For example, if you have a dry patch on your skin which refuses to cooperate with makeup well, using a hydrating primer can help that spot. If you get oily in the T zone area, using a mattifying primer can be a good option to treat the issues.

Makeup Tips And Tricks For A Natural Look

If you are battling pores, a thicker silicone primer can help to make your skin a smooth surface. This allows makeup to sit better on your skin and not bunch up and break apart throughout the day, giving you a lot more mileage with your makeup. It can also help your makeup to remain looking more like natural makeup all day.

Setting Powder – If you have ever played around with heavier makeup with a full layer of foundation and concealers, you will know that they are quite tricky to work with. If you are trying to work with cream or liquid products and you want your products to last, you need to set your products to lock them in place.

Setting Spray

Using a powder after you use any product that can move around on your face can make it lock into place and set your makeup to prevent any streakiness or smudging, which can help your makeup to last way longer.

Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Using a setting powder to set your concealers and foundation can help to ensure that your products do not crease and stay even on your face for long. It can also ensure that your makeup stays looking freshly applied and creaseless for longer. Some other tips include setting your cream eye shadows with powders, liquid liners with eye shadows, concealers with setting powders and contours with powder contours. If you are wearing creamy lipsticks, you can use a blotting paper to make it matte and less transferrable, or opt for a liquid lipstick that dries down matte and is non-transferrable.

This is the final step in your makeup routine and this is the most important step in your routine. If you are wearing makeup, you need a setting spray to complete your routine. A setting spray can help to make your makeup melt into your skin and can ensure that your skin would look absolutely flawless and your makeup would adhere to your skin so much smoother. However, the best benefit of a setting spray is not just to make your makeup melt into your skin but the fact that it makes your makeup stay on no matter what.

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If you live in a hot climate or are worried about sweating your makeup off, or if you are simply going to be wearing your makeup through a long day, a setting spray can make your makeup really budge proof and prevent your makeup from ruining your entire look. It can help to make your makeup more heavy duty and not rub off even if you need to wipe your face gently. Thus, this last step in your makeup is absolutely irreplaceable.

With these makeup tips, you can definitely have a great makeup day and ensure your makeup stays looking flawless for hours.