How To Find The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone?

Aug 27, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

The Best Makeup Looks are created when a woman finds the Perfect Lipstick to complement her skin tone and outfit. Here are some latest Beauty Tips you can abide by to find the Perfect Lipstick for yourself:

1. Learn your Skin’s undertone

The vast majority of the women in the world either have pink or yellow undertones. To determine which kind you are, just note the color of veins on your wrist; those of you with blue veins have pink undertones while those of you with green have a yellow undertone. Perfect Lipstick Shade For Skin ToneIn case you don’t belong to either category, you have a neutral undertone. There’s a possibility that if you have dark skin, you might have olive skin or a skin tone which is a darker, rich chocolate color.

2. Pay attention to your lip shape

Everyone has different perspectives on how they want their lips to look like. It might be that you have thin lips and want to make them look plump or otherwise you might want to reduce the lip volume. Know that lighter Lipstick Shades make your lips seem fuller while the darker shades can make them seem small.

3. The Lip Shades that look the best on Pink and Yellow skin tones

For those with a pinkish hue to their skin, you should stick with those lipsticks that have undertones of purple or blue. Don’t go for lipsticks with an orange-ish tint to them or those which are too light. Rather opt for darker colors even when going for a Red  Lipped Look. On the other hand, if you have a yellower undertone, you need to pick warmer shades of red, orange and even magenta. Those of you with Neutral Skin Tones are really lucky as almost all lip colors will suit you.

4. The Lip Shades that look the best on Olive and Darker skin tones

Those with olive skin tones should always be guided by their outfit color when selecting the lip shade. While red, orange and pink shades work for olive skin toned ladies, berry and plum colored lipstick suits the ones with a darker skin tone.

5. The Lip colors that work well universally

Beige and nude lipsticks are becoming popular these days as they can brighten up and flatter any given skin tone. Since red lipsticks are not really meant for daytime wear, you can depend on these humble but flexible lip shades.

With these tips in your mind, you will never have a lipstick fail the next time you buy makeup online.

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