How To Apply Makeup

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How To Apply A Makeup Step By Step

I’m sure that none of us go out even without the slightest touch of makeup. It can be either applying a bit of kajal & eyeliner & mascara or even just kajal & some foundation or with a Full Makeup if we were going for any event. So here are some simple tips on How To Apply Makeup. Just follow them & you’ll get results.

* First clean your face properly with a cleanser.Because if you just head away by Applying Makeup without even cleaning your skin you would not get the proper effect of the makeup. After cleansing the skin apply toner & moisturizer respectively.

How To Apply Makeup Correctly

* Now after the moisturizer sets in form the base by applying primer. By applying primer, it will make the skin ready for using foundation.

* Next apply the concealer & hide your spots/imperfections. Apply under your eyes & other parts of the body & smooth it out either with cotton dab or brush.

* Then choose the right shade of foundation, the one that goes with your skin color & eventually spread it out across your face evenly& then lastly go for the blush.

How To Apply Makeup To Eyes

* Now the eyes! A bold look eye makes itself prominent among everything. Once you are done doing with your face make up now it’s time to do the Eye Makeup

a) Use a primer in your eyelids only after that apply eye shadow that goes well with your complexion.

b) Next apply the eyeliner very carefully across your eyelids giving your eye a much bolder look. Be careful with the eyeliner try not to smug it off. Then apply kajal/eyeliner on the lower part of the eye.

c) Now curl your eye lashes using eye lash curler or you can use false lashes for dramatic effect & then apply your mascara.

d) Lastly fill up the gaps in your eyebrows & make it look all even by using a brow stick.

* Lastly complete your makeup by applying lipstick. But before applying that just put some lip balm or lip guard & then applies your chosen lipstick. Choose a darker color that will enhance your look, like you can use Matt colors.

How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

So, here’s a simple way rather tips on How To Apply Makeup, just try to follow them & I’m sure you’ll get desired results.