18 Easy And Creative Halloween Makeup For Girls

May 28, 2021 by Herry Chaudhari

What do you like most about Halloween? Makeup? It is really fun and creative to go wild and get something unique that raises everyone’s eyebrows. Simply be ready with your cosmetic bag containing basic makeup products. This enables you to celebrate Halloween, no matter where you are in the world. No need for a Halloween costume here.

Are you wondering what to imitate this Halloween? We have some of the best Halloween makeup for girls on the go. They give ideas to get the best costumes that start with the creativity on your face. Whether you want to get the makeup of a vampire, animal, character, or anything, you have numerous choices to try this Halloween.

Simply check these Halloween makeup for girls that can make you look scary or a little realistic. The best thing about these ideas is that you can easily replicate them at home. You just require little makeup skills, and you are done with your favorite idea.

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Girls

Now, there is no need to search on Amazon or other stores to get your Halloween costumes. Everything is available in your makeup bag. With just a little makeup on your face, you can turn yourself into a character of your choice. It can be scary, pretty, or any silly character, especially when you have several Halloween makeup ideas.

All thanks to your basic makeup essentials that can make you look as scary or pretty as you want. Even if you are a makeup newbie, you can easily craft your Halloween party look with these Halloween makeup ideas.

Haunting Ghost Look

Halloween Makeup For Girls

You can get this look by walking away with your white bedsheet as the DIY costume and can get some dark colors on your eyes from your favorite eyebrow palette. To make this look scarier, you can also get some plastic spiders and tie them in your open hair.

Pop Art Look

It’s the right time to go out of the box this Halloween. Get a pop art makeup look and show your creative mind to others. No worries if you don’t have fake blood, red eyeliner and eyeshadow are enough to get the desired look. Some face paint can also be used if you have any. Putting the dots on your face completes your makeup for Halloween.

Dreamy Butterfly Look

No need to get wings. Simply draw and paint your face with winged eyeliner. Get fluttery looks using top-tier liquid eyeliner. No worries if you are not an eye makeup expert, you can try this Halloween makeup for girls fabulously. You just require a specially shaped tip so that you can easily shape your eyes into wings in no time.

Melted Pumpkin Look

Have you ever tried or heard melted pumpkin makeup for Halloween? If not, let’s try this makeup idea now. It is really a next-level and trippy creative idea that can give you a unique look. This melted pumpkin makeup idea is beginner-friendly as it does not require many products. Also, it can be done in a short time. If you have face paint, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, you can get this Halloween makeup for girls within a few minutes.

Animals Look

No doubt, you have an endless theme for Halloween looks. But what about an animal look? No worries if you don’t have any animal costumes. Animal makeup on the face is enough to get your desired look for Halloween.

You can go for deer, kitty, werewolf, bear, panda, or any animal you think can be nice for Halloween. You can easily create animal makeup. Just keep a particular animal pic with you and start doing makeup. You can also add an ear headband, and there you have a perfect Halloween look.

Popular Character Look

It’s great if you have a favorite heroine or love a popular character. You can look like your favorite character by creating perfect makeup. Whether it’s a wonder woman, Hello Kitty, any Frozen character or anything, you can portray them easily with your makeup skills.

Your girl will surely be excited to get a makeup of her favorite cartoon or character. You must think of trying this Halloween makeup for girls.

Distressed Doll Look

Every girl loves Barbie, but you can’t make her look much frightening. When it comes to Halloween makeup for girls, you can get a distressed doll look by drawing bigger eyes on the face using white eyeshadow. You can also create wrinkles with lipstick on the center of your pout. You can complete this look by wearing a long doll dress. This can be one of your favorite ideas for Halloween makeup for girls.

Sexy Scarecrow Look

Halloween Makeup For Girls

You can create this look using a few straws and by glowing your cheeks with an orange blush. Adding some thread lines on your face completes this sexy scarecrow look. If you can have a scarecrow costume easily from your nearby store, it’s great, otherwise wearing plaid flannel and jeans can give you a flawless look.

Cheeky Cartoon Look

Whether you are an artist or love doing makeup, you will surely love this look. Having cheeky cartoon makeup will make you look like you have just walked out of a comic book. If you are looking for some easy and not-scary Halloween makeup for girls, this look will be perfect for you.

To get this look, create white half-tone dots using cornstarch and food colors. Now, dab them on your face to get a look of your favorite cheeky cartoon.

Stylish Skeleton Look

Start this makeup by applying foundation and powder to get a basic white canvas. Then, get all black shades from your makeup kit to create a creepy and dark look. You can use dark lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eyebrow pencil. This can be your best Halloween makeup for girls.

Black Swan Look

Halloween Makeup For Girls

You can transform into a black swan look this Halloween, which is something unique and creative too. Simply get some white and black eyeshadow. Also, use a solid pair of false lashes. Nothing else is required to get this gothic ballerina look. You will definitely love this Halloween makeup idea.

Gothic Fairy Look

Don’t have enough time to be ready for the Halloween party? This time, transform yourself into a frightening fairy with basic makeup skills. You just need some orange eye shadows, eyeliner, and black lipstick. If you are looking for an easy and quick Halloween look or you just want to play with your makeup products in something creative, you must not miss this Halloween makeup for girls.

Avatar Look

Do you love avatar characters? If yes, then why not get Avatar look for this Halloween? It would really be a great Halloween makeup idea. By using various shades of blue eyeshadow, you can get that perfect Avatar look. The best part of Halloween is that you can turn yourself into anything without being asked any question. Having an Avatar look will really be great fun, and moreover, it is not too hard to go.

Six Eyes Look

Just add four more eyes and get this creepy Halloween makeup for girls. Draw two eyes on your forehead and another two on your cheeks. You just require some deep purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Create an illusion of false lashes using these makeup essentials. Get blood-like lips with a dark red or berry gloss. That’s all! You are ready for Halloween.

3D Spider Look

You might have seen some artists painting frighteningly realistic spiders on the faces of their clients. You can also get the same look skillfully with some eyeshadow techniques. To get that frightened look, the best idea is to draw one that looks like crawling out of your eye. Make another one walking out of your lips. Use black lipstick, liner, or eyeshadow. Adding some glitter and highlighter will help in achieving the perfect look.

Daisies Look

Halloween Makeup For Girls

Everyone loves flowers, so why not get some flower look this Halloween? Making flowers bloom from your eyes can be your beautiful and calming Halloween makeup for girls. Adding gold glitter and white eyeliner is something that will make this makeup for Halloween a really appreciable idea. Blend eyeshadow skillfully to come up with an impeccable look.

Frankendoll Look

To get this Halloween makeup for girls, tie your hair high and turn your face into a creepy yet cute monster. Start with lining the eyes in white and turn them into smokey eyes using dark green shadows. After this, take any liquid liner and draw some wavy lines under your eyes. Don’t forget to add bold falsies.

Bloody Queen Look

It’s really very easy to get this Halloween makeup for girls. Just get some red eye makeup and merge it with a dotted liner. Get a white base on your face and contour with any grey eyeshadow you have in your makeup kit. Also, draw some blood spattering dots on top of the eyes and lips with the help of a fine-tipped brush.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you will get inspired with these best Halloween makeup for girls. They will make you look creepy, cute, or anything you like. Get the one you liked the most. Don’t forget to save your favorite looks for the next Halloween ideas.