Give Your Skin And Hair The Adequate Boost Using Simple Ingredients

May 23, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

Do you wish for voluminous, silkier, and stronger hair? Could your skin be smoother and clearer than it is now? Could you do all this without spending half your salary at an expensive salon? Well, you might be surprised to hear that it is possible to do all the above with simple and easy regular home ingredients. Haven’t heard that before? However, the fact is just like a seed requires some time to become a plant, these remedies will also require some time to show its effects.

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Treat damaged skin

No matter what your skin type is regular treatment and care will help your skin maintain its healthy glow. Use some iced yogurt with powdered or granulated sugar and massage it thoroughly on your face. This formula actually works three ways; it hydrates your skin, lactic acid in yogurt treats pigmentation and the sugar acts like a natural scrub. All three actions combined in this super powerful formula, will offer your skin the required glow.


Lack of sleep or tiredness generally makes our skin appear dull, tired and unhealthy. You don’t want to wake up and go to your office looking like your granny right? Make a FacePack using honey, oats and milk and use it every alternative day as a Natural Scrub. Ideal for people with dull and damaged skin, this pack will make your Skin Glowing, smooth and soft.

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Extra care in summer time

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to take out the tank tops and shorts from the back of our closets. It sounds fun, but not for those who have dark and pigmented underarms. Well sweetie, stress no more, use lemon peel as an anti pigmentation agent. Run lemon peels on your underarms everyday for 15 minutes, before taking a bath. It is not only a natural bleaching agent, but has also antiseptic and anti bacterial properties.

Beauty Tips For Skin Care

During summer, it is completely mandatory to take extra care of your hair. Just like winter makes our hair dull and dry, summer makes our hair appear frizzy. Aloe Vera gel is a readily available product which you’ll get in mostly every departmental or Beauty Stores. It is most certainly the cheapest Hair Product that you’ll get and it is one of the best things to apply during summer. In case, you want to save that extra penny too simply find or buy an Aloe Vera plant and use the natural gel found within the leaves.