Exude The Confidence Of A Runway Model With Chic And Stylish Highlights

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There’s nothing more exhausting for a woman than maintaining one’s hair. As easy as it might seem, every woman who has a fascination for flaunting beautiful and soft tresses will recognize the struggle. Some women are blessed with jaw dropping tresses that exude nothing short of utter beauty; they belong to the rare category of females. Then there are others, who have to keep gaining knowledge, constantly know about what’s good for their locks. How many times should I shampoo in a week? Should I change the brand? Oh no! The hair expert asked me to change my hair care brand! How many times do I need trimming? Women and their endless questions about hair related problems, and the constant quest for something that improves the quality and texture of the hair.

Fashionable Hair Highlights

While simple beauty treatments at home can help achieve soft and luscious locks, it’s not enough to make your hair stand out. You want your hair to be your natural statement piece. Plain, boring locks will not help you achieve this dream. Your hair needs something more; it needs a bit of highlighting. Just like the icing on the cake makes the cake 10 xs more beautiful, the highlighting on your hair will make your tresses appear as one solid statement piece. That too natural!

Stylish Hair Highlights

Highlighting seems easy, it’s all about making some strands of your hair lighter. It’s all about making those strands contrast with the rest, not in a clownish way though. Deciding to get highlights is easy, but the task at hand that’s a tad more difficult is the shade of highlight. It’s not only about what you simply prefer, it’s also about what shade suits your skin tone and most importantly your personality. There’s nothing more important than choosing a shade that will make your look both sophisticated and natural.

Do you want something ombre or are you fascinated about root blonde? How much maintenance do the highlights require? A lesser known and much ignored fact about hair coloring and highlighting is that maintenance is the key to beautiful, flowing tresses. Most women think that once you’ve been to a salon and got the color you wanted, the job is done. There’s nothing more than needs attention, but that’s not the case. Whenever you’re in need of dire makeup help and suggestions about other hair related and styling issues, it’s always better to consult an expert. Hair stylists and cosmetic experts can easily understand your needs and interpret it in the way you want it to be. You’ll be astonished to witness how amazing the results are.

Stylish Haircuts With Highlights

So, what shade should you select?

This is a probable question that you must be thinking about. The shade you select is absolutely upon you, but knowing what not to select will make the work even easier for you. If you are a highlighting virgin, there are certain questions that need to be answered. You love your stylist, you have blind faith on her, but does that mean you shouldn’t ask questions?

Absolutely not! Not if you want to address issues that you might face after getting your fauve highlights. There are certain questions that you have to ask your stylist if you are getting your hair highlighted for the first time. What if I don’t like the highlights? Will I be able to make it darker? Can I change the color of my highlights? How long do I have to wait for changing the shade?

Stylish Highlights

If you have been blessed with natural shade of brown or black and find it boring, you probably would like going lighter. However, what should be the shade you select? Blondes are in, and it’s a classic highlight, that most women opt for. It’s all about the transition; going from straight dark to uber light may not suit your eyes. It might appear as a complete shocker after you’ve done the highlight. If you’re transitioning for the first time, it’s always better to suit a shade that more of ombre or a dark blonde color. Say no to beach blondes!

A celebrity makeup tip that you should always consider while selecting the highlighting shade is to NEVER forget the base color. Base colors are important to make the highlights appear natural, and not like a child with a crayon went crazy on your hair. What’s a base color? Before getting the actual highlights, your hair needs to be colored in a shade or two darker than the highlight you have chosen. If you want to get highlights of honey brown, then opting for dark brown colors would be the best.

Always remember no matter what happens, you can always change the color of your hair. Life is too short to be boring, so why not fill it with some colors.

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