Easy Guide To Get Perfect Makeup For Brown Skin

May 14, 2021 by Herry Chaudhari

It is a fact that the world is not just composed of light to dark skin tones. Obviously, if you are a girl with brown skin, the makeup for your skin tone needs a different approach than other skin types.

Numerous makeup brands offer products in different shades to suit different skin tones. Therefore, having a brown skin tone does not mean you have to compromise on choosing the products that match your skin tone. Several brands have come forward to expand their shades to give your beauty a satisfying result with makeup purchases.

From lipstick to a wide range of foundation shades, good brands makeup products are great for makeup for brown skin. It is important to find the right makeup shade so that you do not require looking for a lighter or darker shade after doing makeup for hours.

If you are wondering about how to get the best makeup looks for brown skin, this guide will help you in all ways.

Have a look at some of the common mistakes you must avoid when doing makeup for brown skin tone.

Makeup for Brown Skin Tone – Mistakes To Avoid

Know Your Undertone

The main issue that arises during makeup for brown skin is discoloration. You must find the right shade based on your undertone. To know your undertone, there is a trick. If you look better in silver jewelry, you have a cool undertone. If gold jewelry suits you the best, you have a warm undertone. If you look good in all metals, you have a neutral undertone.

Makeup For Brown Skin

When you are going to buy foundation, most of these products include an undertone and shade description. So, if you know your undertone, it is always helpful in finding the right product.

Don’t Assume You Have One-Color Face

Do you know that our faces are likely to be darker than our chests? When it comes to brown skin, it has a lot of depth. Some experts use one foundation on the lower half of your face, whereas a different shade is used on the top. It means you will have two different shades under your eyes. So, never afraid of mixing foundation and concealer on your hand to match different skin tones on your face.

Find The Best Transition Shade

Never think that you can’t wear different colors, like red, blue, purple, and others. Every color can work perfectly on makeup for brown skin tone. It is all about how you blend them. You must get the perfect flesh-toned transition shade for the perfect makeup. You can use any bright color on your brown skin. All you need is the right brush to blend properly under the eyes.

Never Scared Of Using White

No matter what type of skin tone you have, adding a touch of white works great on everyone. It helps in creating a cool and fresh look. For women with brown skin, it is advised to blend it with some brown for the perfect result. Just put all colors in one area so that you can get a vibrant color.

If Bold Eye, Then Neutral Lip

Many of you might have heard about soft glam, which means something different for every person. If, for one person, soft glam means a light CC cream, tinted concealer for under the eyes, and a gloss, then for another person, it would be different. You must be kept in mind that never go as harsh as a heavy red lip. Here, you must go for neutrals. 

Some Makeup Guidelines For Brown Skin

No doubt you have several makeup options to choose from. But, the basic idea of using these products is to give a natural and glowing look. Just to make sure that you do not miss anything, here is the list of makeup products you must use for the perfect makeup for brown skin.

These guidelines will help you in making the right choice that will set you apart in the crowd.


When it is about choosing the foundation, you must choose the spot-on foundation for your skin tone. It is so because choosing too light or too dark shade can result in making your skin look old or darker. As people have different shades, so you need to work with one that suits you the best. A shade perfect for one may not be always fit for you. Some women have pink undertones, while some have blue undertones. Due to this reason, it is recommended to select the right foundation shade.

Makeup For Brown Skin

The chosen shade should be such that when you apply it to your face, it should look like that you have not applied foundation on your face. Use a foundation brush to blend it completely for getting a proficient finish.


A powder is used to complement your foundation. You have to get a shade lighter than your foundation as it will work perfectly for you. To get natural-looking makeup for brown skin tone, you can use it under your eyes, on the nose, cheekbones, as well as on the bends of the lips. Make sure to dab powder lightly over the center of the nose and put dots on your temple and jawbone. This step will help in highlighting your skin and make these areas look illuminated.


You have the choice to choose coral, rose, and clandestine orange for the bluish tints. Too light blush can lessen your tone, while too dark can make you look glaring and peculiar. So, you can go for a rose-pink blush for an average skin tone with cool tinges. It is used to give redness to your cheeks. For deep undertones, you can use spineless apricot or peach blush to get natural shine.

  • Apply light blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  • Apply blush on the area where the sun would hit your face.
  • Using a blush blend, blend it properly for a natural look.


For perfect makeup looks for brown skin, you must contour your face. Get a powder or contour palette a little darker than your skin tone and apply it underneath your cheekbones. It can also be used under your chin as well as around the nose for a better-structured look.

Eye Colors

If you have brown skin or have dark brown eyes, you are recommended to apply eye makeup with a pair of eye colors such as plums, grey, dark blues, dark browns, bronze, etc. These colors are quite helpful in making your eyes pop up. You can play with these eye colors and their variations to get the look you like.


If you have pastel and olive skin tone, you can boost a natural tip-off of color in your skin without using shimmer or darkness. The best idea is to use bronzer one shade darker than your skin tone. For people with warm undertones, take a light shade of golden brown or a light brown with a peach tone.

Lipstick Colors

Makeup For Brown Skin

Makeup for brown skin is incomplete without lipstick. You can choose from fluffy pink to deep berry to improve your skin tone. For women with cool undertones, blue-based red, berry, pink, and mauve work the best. On the other hand, for warm undertones, you will look great with red, brown, burgundy, and coral.

Important Application Tips For Makeup For Brown Skin

These are some of the basic things that you must know to get a beautiful brown skin. They will be quite helpful to get the look you want without overdoing makeup for your brown skin.

  • It will be helpful to use black or dark brown eyeliner along with some bright eyeshadow to get that perfect eye makeup for your brown skin tone.
  • For eyeshadow, you are advised to use two complementary colors instead of using only one color. It will give a two-toned look.
  • In case you are unable to find the right shade of foundation for your skin, the best idea is to mix two different shades, as it works great to get one complementary shade for your unique skin.
  • If you want to use a lip liner, it must be of a similar shade to your lipstick or lip gloss.
  • You can use black or brown mascara to make your eyelashes pop up. For that extra glamorous look, you can also use false eyelashes in a dark shade.
  • For a delicate look, you can go for neutral eyeshadow, something like brown or nude.
  • Take a shade of brown or copper bronzer for your brown skin and apply it high along your cheekbones.
  • To create a smokey eye look, use a dark color on the lower section of your eyelid, while the lighter shade is to be used on the upper section of eyelid.

If you have the skills to mix and match your features using the right makeup products, you will definitely be going to get the perfect makeup looks for brown skin tone. Moreover, it will also help in improving the natural face glow and shine.

Final Words

No matter what skin tone you have, you must consider the shape and contour of your face to get a great makeup look. At the same time, you must also know that for natural makeup for brown skin, you are required to give some extra care. It is so because; the selection of incorrect shades of any product can affect its appearance.